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  • Patoma By  Patoma    

    Great product i use it all the time. I think everyone should owe these products. There is nothing better then these products

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  • Vbreeebb By  Vbreeebb    


    I absolutely love this shampoo and conditioner. Dove is so amazing on my skin but very surprised the shampoo and conditioner work so well. Definitely going to order more ASAP

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  • mdkbasher By  mdkbasher    

    Nice shampoo

    It is a very usefull shampoo . I enjoy it . It is is very helpful for all.

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  • liwenhan_u By  liwenhan_u    

    I?ve always use dove shampoo and conditioner, I don?t lose as much hair when I use it. This makes your hair smooth, and not damaged from the heat. Recommend !

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  • brittanynicolecantu By  brittanynicolecantu    

    Fresh & clean

    Smells great. Made me feel nice and clean too. I highly recommend this product to anyone who likes to get clean and smell good.

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  • Kariganson91 By  Kariganson91    

    I really enjoyed this product! I love the product along with the price tag would def buy again

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  • nandita_a By  nandita_a    

    Worst shampoo ever

    Didn't work for me. Infact it made my hair more dry and frizzy.

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  • Ladyglory12 By  Ladyglory12    


    Love all dove products this on smells particularly good, left my hair smell fantastic and helped protect my hair when I blow-dried and flat ironed.

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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    

    Dove Heat & Defense Technology

    Dove rocks with all their products, but if you use a blower or straightener daily, you definitely want this. Hair smells and looks wonderful.

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  • Catz1727 By  Catz1727    

    i like dove products they smell nice and are reasonably priced

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  • marshagail By  marshagail    

    I love dove shampoo n conditioner it makes my hair so soft n shiny

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  • amk1224 By  amk1224    

    No frizz

    This product help make smooth hair. Thanks for help

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  • BiancaBeatz By  BiancaBeatz    

    I enjoyed this line because of all the damage I do to my hair with irons and dryers. It really helped protect and restore my hair back to beautiful locks

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  • bbarbiegirl311978 By  bbarbiegirl311978    

    Love the shampoo and conditioner! Great product and makes my hear smooth and beautiful!

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  • Kristen97 By  Kristen97    

    I love the heat spray!! It keeps hair from burning and braking off when using the straightener

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