Dove France Wants You To Change The Way You Think About Yourself

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Apr 14, 2015

Another day, another thought-provoking Dove ad campaign. This time the company that deals in beauty wants women to think about how harmful our negative inner dialogues can be. Many of us will relate to hearing that inner voice pointing out flaws and things we wish we could change, but what would happen if other people openly talked to us the way we talk to ourselves?

The set up for Dove’s OneBeautifulThought# campaign takes place on the streets of France where film crew ask women on the street to write down some of their personal thoughts into a journal. Many of the women write about their perceived flaws like feeling fat, having “short legs and a big chest”, or one woman who says her teeth make her smile like a mouse.

Dove France hires actors to read from the journals in front of the unsuspecting women. The women who wrote in the journals hear their own words read aloud in a café by actors who are supposedly having a conversation. They hear the actors saying things to each other like, “Your arms are too big, your silhouette is all squashed.” And, “I wish I could see you with a normal body…at least once.”



The women who wrote their thoughts down in the journal realize how harsh their own words sound when hearing them out loud in the café. One woman says, “But yes, it’s what I say to myself all day long. Now, I get how violent it is!” And another woman admits, “I hope my daughter never speaks to herself like that.”

It is true that the act of looking in the mirror can turn us into our own worst critic. Dove’s new campaign just highlights how important it is that we re-evaluate the way we think about ourselves and try to banish some of those negative thoughts.

What do you think about Dove France’s OneBeautifulThought# campaign?

Do you consciously try to think more positively about yourself or is your inner dialogue mostly negative? How do you think this affects the way you are perceived by others?



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