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  • Cgolder By  Cgolder    

    Dove New Formula

    Unfortunately this product does not state that it is the "new formula". The sensitive skin new formula contains something different than what was in their original sensitive skin. Whatever they have added, I am allergic to. Just wish companies would leave their products alone and not try to improve on something that already works great. What I received was the sensitive in the new formula

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  • nadiacris By  nadiacris    

    The best in the whole world, truly

    The only deodorant that really works for me! All day without a sweat or odor! I?ve been using this for decades and I won?t change ever. Everyone that uses this they fell the same!

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  • liveloveinflucence By  liveloveinflucence    

    This is a good quality product at a reasonable price. It has a refreshing scent.

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  • KeishaGalmm By  KeishaGalmm    

    Great product but hard to get off while bathing. Also it wears off and turns into a funny smell. This doesn't last as long as it claims to last.

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  • samanthalynn775 By  samanthalynn775    


    This deodorant is a must buy! It lasts all day long and doesn?t leave any residue. The smell is amazing! I highly recommend.

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  • GirlMomof3 By  GirlMomof3    

    My go to

    My go to deodorant! Keeps me fresh all day even in the gym!

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  • Shannelcouture By  Shannelcouture    

    Dove is GREAT for sensitive skin

    I love Dove, it has literally been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. For one the scent is one that you?ll never forget a bountiful smell of freshness and ready to take on ANYTHING. For me I have VERY sensitive skin where products with scents can cause me to burn and itch. But branded ?for sensitive skin? or not with Dove. I can use ANY deodorant or both wash products of theirs and always get the same satisfaction. Very silky, smooth feeling, greatness all around is perfect for anyones skin.

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  • jagerwench By  jagerwench    

    One Of My Favorites

    I love Dove products and when I tried this it didn't let me down. Has a nice scent, applies easily and kept me dry all day.

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  • Htimberger By  Htimberger    

    Highly recommend

    I highly recommend Dove's cucumber deodorant. It smells fresh, not overly scented. It keeps me staying dry and fresh. Many deodorants that are scented do not mix well with my natural body scent. But this cucumber scent is very refreshing. It glides on nicely and isn't sticky like others. Definitely worth the price.

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  • Gayle1 By  Gayle1    

    Hold me !

    It smell so good and hold me all day also it never broke out from it I have sensitive skin . It a great products for young lady to try out.

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  • Darkl0tus By  Darkl0tus    

    Highly Recommend!!

    Dove is one of the only deodorants that I am able to use without breaking out or having any form of irritation. Plus they all smell so amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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  • Kimberzx3 By  Kimberzx3    

    Item smells fresh but leaves a residue on your skin and doesn?t keep in your bo

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  • Kourt84 By  Kourt84    

    My Best Friend

    Favorite deodorant and favorite scent!!!! Texas summers get pretty hot and this deodorant has never failed me.

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  • honesty94 By  honesty94    

    love it!

    i use dove soap and lotion but never the deodorant! but hunny, let me tell you!!!! THE ABSOLUTELY BEST, HANDS DOWN! it left my skin moisturized (which is unusual for me) and soothe my skin!

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  • irinam85 By  irinam85    


    I have always been using Secret as my deodorant, but this time decided to try Dove and see if I will like it better. I love the different scents that there are available and I had a very hard time choosing a scent to take home. I like how smoothly it goes on but don't like how it leaves a powdery white residue. It lasted me all day. I smelled fresh and it has been hot within the past week and so I got to really put it to the test. The only downside is that it didn't last the 48 hours like it says.

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