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  • momagarry By  momagarry    

    This was a very well put together film.

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  • AshasMom By  AshasMom    

    Was a good movie and a good concept. Actors did an excellent job, but overall the pace was pretty slow and nothing spectacular about the ending.

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  • jntkaylor By  jntkaylor    

    I thought it was a good movie.The acting was extremely well.You'll have to decide for yourself in this one.

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  • jellybeanr By  jellybeanr    

    The movie had potential. Was a waste of time Not worth any academy award. nominations.

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  • gotwakes By  gotwakes    

    Great movie, makes you really think!!

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  • frauleinpossum By  frauleinpossum    

    I enjoyed this movie for the story and for the actor's performances. I love a good drama, with lots of raised voices and emotion ! There are no answers for you in this film, you will have to draw your own conclusions based on your feelings and what you see and hear in the film.

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