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  • Bdknox91 By  Bdknox91    

    These purses are very cute and easy to clean or mine is....... other than the small size of my cute purse I love it

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  • Charl1e By  Charl1e    


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  • Lovingmy6 By  Lovingmy6    

    Affordable pricing for moms

    Got 2 very durable fashion statement with registration is like free insurance on your craftsmanship great pricing and dooneypay of your on a budget i got my 15 year old daughter one for her bday just couldn?t waste my money on unbranded products

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  • Kelley9670 By  Kelley9670    

    I love Dooney handbags. I have many but my favorite is the Dooney Large Python Barlow in Grey. This is a very big bag but I love that it holds everything. The grey is not as light as in the picture on or on The grey is darker in person. I wish it was lighter but I still love it. It is a very classy bag.

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  • laurlaur04 By  laurlaur04    

    I love Dooney and Bourke bags. While they are a bit expensive, they last a VERY long time! I used mine for 2 straight years with absolutely no signs of wear. The only reason I stopped using it was because I didn't want for it to start looking shabby because I loved it so much. It may last longer than that!

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    My husband bought me the new black leather tote and the matching wallet. I love how classy and simple it looks. I am not a big fan of flashy LV letters or coach with the C's all over. I like the design of the bag to speak for itself.

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  • hollyz011 By  hollyz011    

    Love all the designs! I have a classic one and would love to own more, but they are a little to expensive for me right now

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  • ntippets By  ntippets    

    I have had my Dooney and Bourke bag for 5 years now and it is still just as beautiful as it was the day I bought it. Durable, classic, and fits everything and more that I could possibly need to carry.

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  • Sunnysnowflake By  Sunnysnowflake    

    I love Dooney & Bourke handbags but they are so heavy and usually in my experience they are stiff. I have purchased several handbags and eventually sold them all. They just aren't for me. Good quality but too heavy for me.

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  • Littlemermaid By  Littlemermaid    

    Not trendy, not well made, not attractive. These handbags are for people who can't afford Coach but still want to be a "label whore"

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  • JuliaNicole By  JuliaNicole    

    Love their handbags!

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  • cleanliving By  cleanliving    

    Dooney and Bourke bags are beautifully crafted and timeless. There is a blend of classic and contemporary styles suited for all personalities. No matter which Dooney bag you choose - you can trust that it is going to be a quality bag that will last and last. I love my Dooney bags, they may be a bit expensive - but the quality is worth it. And I know that I will have it for years to come.

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