Dog Owners Beware: A Commonly Used Sugar Substitute Can Be Fatal To Your Pet

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 06, 2015

Dog owners know the real dangers of having their pets accidentally ingest a food or substance that may be toxic to them. Different medications, vitamins and chocolates are all items that should be kept well out of reach of your pooch. But most dog owners are probably completely unaware of the dangers a seemingly benign pack of sugarless gum can pose if your pet eats this.

CBS News reports abot the dangers of dogs ingesting sugarless gum with the sugar substitute known as Xylitol in it. But it’s not just gum we have to worry about, products like certain baked goods, vitamins, candies, and even the well known dog treat of peanut butter may contain the chemical that is safe for humans but can be fatal to your pet. And because the product’s use is on the rise, accidents and calls to Animal Poison control have gone up from 82 in 2004 to 3,727 in 2014.

Dog owner Sam Caress is all too familiar with the effects Xylitol has on dogs after his beloved and curious pet got into a pack of sugarless gum. After taking him to the vet when he appeared sick, Sam was told that his dog could not be saved. He explains, “They gave us a phone call saying her kidney tests weren't good, and that they were shutting down, and that we didn't really have any other choice but to put her down.”

Some animal protection groups are now calling for warning labels on products that contain Xylitol so that dog owners will be more aware of how serious it can be if their pet ingests a product containing this ingredient. Checking labels and keeping these products well out of reach of your dog are a couple of ways to reduce accidental ingestion. Dr. Ashley Gallagher with the Friendship Hospital for Animals in Washington D.C. explains, “You just have to be really careful because dogs are nosy little creatures and they are hungry all the time. I know my dogs are, and they are just looking for a treat. So you have to really watch them.”

What do you think of the new warning about exposing your dog to products that contain this sugar substitute?

Will you be more vigilant about what foods and products to keep out of reach from your dog?

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