Does Your Beauty Routine Need a Boost?

   By drodriguez  Oct 29, 2009

How long does your skin care routine take every day?  How many
products do you use on a daily basis to take care of your skin? Are
they working?

We’d love for you to share your beauty routine with us. Sorry! Please see below this promotion is now closed. We want to know what your skincare regime looks like on a daily basis, morning
and night?and we want to know if you’re happy or frustrated with your
results.  What does “skincare” mean to you?  What products do you use?
What ingredients matter most?  We want to hear your thoughts and get a glimpse into your personal beauty regimens.

Please use the comments section below to tell us all about your beauty
routine in 200 words or less.  You can also send us a video...(

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josmommy by josmommy | toledo, OH
Dec 13, 2009

I like simple,i like products that are two in one or quicker and still have results..I just end up trying so many that just arent upto par or are a slight letdown.i am all about what is convienient quick and easy to repeat each day

SheSpeaksTeam by SheSpeaksTeam | New York, NY
Dec 01, 2009

SheSpeaks Team: We love hearing all your stories and comments especially those great beauty secrets. The promotion is now closed. Please continue to share your stories here or on the beauty discussion community. We look forward to offering you more opportunities like this in the future!

Larak12 by Larak12 | Riverside, CA
Nov 30, 2009

22 years old I take about 20 minutes day and night on TRYING to get my skin better. remover or wet towels to remove makeup removel clenser 3.rinse 4. Acne tretment clenser 5.scrub 6.rinse 7.toner 8.wait till dry 9.face cream that's my retual!

LindseysNana by LindseysNana | BROOKFIELD, MO
Nov 28, 2009

I can't wait to try this, sounds exactly like what I'm looking for!!!

countrycouponclipper by countrycouponclipper | Supply, NC
Nov 21, 2009

When I was younger I joked with my mom calling her olay ..oil of old lady but now I'm 31 its not so funny I dont have any wrinkles yet but I want to take the steps now to prevent it. So in the morning I use a 15 spf and at nite I exfolate and use a oil free face cream.

liss1970 by liss1970 | Drums, PA
Nov 18, 2009

I am 39 years old with have oily skin & occasional breakouts. I used to go to the dermatologist & get expensive prescriptions for my acne, but for the past couple of years I have been using Proactiv with success. As for my daily skincare routine, I use Proactiv cleanser in the shower, followed up (when I remember & have the time) by Proactiv toner & refining lotion. Before bed, Proactiv cleanser again. I have noticed some fine lines around my eyes in recent years, so I am looking for a really good moisturizer to combat this.

flower54 by flower54 | Cookeville, TN
Nov 14, 2009

My morning routine is to wash my face with warm water. I use inexpensive moisturizers. I don't use foundation, but do have to use concealer (covergirl) under my eyes. Trying to find something for those wrinkles that are starting to show, beside my eyes and around my mouth(I'm 55 yrs old). At night I use baby oil to remove eye make up and St Ives Cleanser & scrub and moisturizer. It takes me about 10 min. in the morning and another 10 at night.

ilovecali222 by ilovecali222 | Greenville, NC
Nov 12, 2009

I'll be 21 on Nov 20th. My skin care routine is really simple. I wash my face with Dove sensitive skin soap bar on an exfoliating facial buff. I also use bare minerals pretty much daily and I LOVE it.. I really feel that it has improved the quality of my skin over time and I love the way it looks. So as far as a skincare routine?..... maybe a total of 10 mins

AimeeAken by AimeeAken | Omaha, NE
Nov 12, 2009

I just turned 37 this past October but everyone thinks I look like I am in my twenties. I do not do anything special. I like to use Dove Facial Cleansing Cloths before bed. I like them better than the others because they are more "rough" and feel like they actually clean deep. Some others feel like they just clean the surface but do not really get down in the skin. I also alternate and sometimes use St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub before bed and/or in the morning shower. It gives you a fresh clean feel and smells great! Other than that, I stick with just a regular hydrating non - scented lotion before bed and after I wash my face in the morning before applying makeup. Nothing special or expensive. I like to keep it natural and fresh.

lisaharvey by lisaharvey | Harrisburg, PA
Nov 10, 2009

I am 37 years old and feel like i have pretty nice skin - just hope it stays that way!!!! I have a very simple routine....I use Oil of Oly daily facials every single day. I love them. I also use a morning and night moisterizer that contains SPF. I was just turned onto Bare Minerals makeup last year and feel like this is much better for my skin than other types of makeups. I don't get facials and I just try to stay out of the sun. I am at the age where some of my friends are getting wrinkles and I don't want them!

smgolfer by smgolfer | Twin Falls, ID
Nov 09, 2009

I am 71 plus. I have been a faithful Strivectin user since I saw the first ad in a Magazine in my hair salon. I felt I got immediate results.I am currently using the sculpting cream??? We'll see! My routine is pretty faithful. I cleanse with oil (now grapeseed instead of olive)and warm water nightly. Follow with Strivecton Slulpting/ Hydroderm/and Strivecton SD finish with any moisturizer. AM shower (maybe use soap 6 times a year if haven't removed mascara the night before. As of March of this year I only use NeuLash and mascara. No longer need or use eyeliner (and there comes an age that you look more youthful without). Must tell you that most would say that I look maybe 60ish? I play golf every day that I can. My makeup for the last 20 years is Total Block 60 SPF (FALLENE). Coverage without ever looking heavy. My forearms need help. Used to stay lili-white with Bain de Soliel 30. Where did they go?

kaykoa by kaykoa | FORT WORTH, TX
Nov 09, 2009

hi im frustrated also my skin care routine cleanser toner sunscreen moisturiser im 45 and see lines devolping around my cheeks and eyes i would love to have some suggestions on this problem thank you lisa

wendyirene by wendyirene | west hills, CA
Nov 08, 2009

I am frustrated! My skin care regimen is basic: wash with mild soap, use a moisturizer and hope and pray that today will be a "good" beauty day! My 50s are quite different than my 40s: wildly unpredictable, discoloration and signs of aging more! I need a good, reliable, easy and affordable skin care line that suits my age and my skin's changing needs! Because I adhere to great physical fitness and diet, it is the addition of a great skin care line that will help me go from having an "ok" day to an "outstanding one!I I work with women as a personal life coach and find that we talk about skin/beauty quite often - great skin allows a woman to have more confidence and therefore more joy and productivity in her life! Bring it on!

ljbarrish by ljbarrish | PARK CITY, UT
Nov 08, 2009

I'm just a few months away from 30 and still am getting the occasional breakouts. However, I am also seeing lines and wrinkles developing around my eyes and forehead plus enlarged pores! My skincare routine takes about 10 minutes in the mornin and night...Purpose cleanser, toner (at night), eye cream is a must (although as it's getting colder out I'm finding that my Kheils eye cream is just not cutting it), and I finish with Neutrogena Lite Night Cream. During the day I always wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF. With all that said, I'm still searching for a great eye cream, moisturizer or whatever it may be to combat my confused skin that's making it's way out of it's 20's and seeing lines as I near 30...

kcmcfm by kcmcfm | HUMMELSTOWN, PA
Nov 07, 2009

I am 46 and have always taken great care of my skin. I've used Prescriptives products for the past 20 years. I use their Comfort Cream moisturizer at night and their Virtual Skin foundation. I also apply Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer to my face prior to using my foundation. It is very lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin. I am so upset that Prescriptives is going out of business. I have not found a comparable foundation to their Virtual Skin. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.