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Does Your Beauty Routine Need a Boost?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 10.29.09
Does Your Beauty Routine Need a Boost?
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How long does your skin care routine take every day?  How many
products do you use on a daily basis to take care of your skin? Are
they working?

We’d love for you to share your beauty routine with us. Sorry! Please see below this promotion is now closed. We want to know what your skincare regime looks like on a daily basis, morning
and night?and we want to know if you’re happy or frustrated with your
results.  What does “skincare” mean to you?  What products do you use?
What ingredients matter most?  We want to hear your thoughts and get a glimpse into your personal beauty regimens.

Please use the comments section below to tell us all about your beauty
routine in 200 words or less.  You can also send us a video...(

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  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    My nightly routine takes about 15 min, it's the most important since it sets the tone for a good nights sleep. My morning routine is frustrating, what you did in your twenties just doesn't work as you get older. And tends to take a bit more time and attention to detail. I'm lucky I have really good skin. But the past 2 years or so I've had a tough time finding products (cleansing, moisturizing, SPF, and makeup) that works well together. Midafternoon I need a touch up, things start to look "tired, faded, simply break down, or wear off." Once again it's frustrating. I like to look alive, healthy, refreshed, glow and vacationed.

  • pjclayton57 By pjclayton57

    I am 51 and have relatively good skin with no wrinkles. I don't need to spend a great deal of time on it, fortunately. The basis of it relies on a good moisturizer at night after washing my face and then after showering in the morning. I use a face scrub in the shower to exfoliate. Always, always, always moisturize! I use little makeup, which consists of an SPF foundation and a little blush and eyeliner. Add a bit of lipstick and I'm good to go. I am not naive enough to believe that as I get older this will still hold true. I am sure that as my skin ages, it will take a bit more time and care to maintain. The only trouble that I seem to have now is finding a moisturizer that is not too greasy.

  • momagarry By momagarry

    My skincare routine is about 10 minutes. I use steam to clean my pores and then I put a nightly moisturizer on.

  • lswhite By lswhite

    At 38, I am at a crossroads with my skincare. Acne has reared its ugly head, elasticity is leaving, and fine lines are beginning to appear around my mouth and eyes. Most of the products on the market are geared toward "young" skin or that which needs "rejuvenating." Which am I? I have no clue. I am not happy with my current routine or results. Please help! My skincare is less than 5 minutes in the morning and night. In the AM, I use an exfoliant cleanser then eye cream and moisterizer with SPF. In the PM, I use an all in one cleaser to remove my makeup and clean followed by eye cream. I consider "skincare' my foundation. Makeup doesn't look good on "bad skin" that contains breakouts. I look for ingredients that are non-irritating to my sensitive skin and that are oil-free. I'd love a "system" that would be easy to follow and produce results.

  • gardengirl10 By gardengirl10

    I am 53 and my skin is in pretty good shape, a few wrinkles here and there but not bad. Expression lines forehead, and when I smile (which is always) you see them under my eyes. I use CeraVe hydrating cleanser and CeraVe moisturizing lotion (not greasy at all) on top of that I use Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion and Olay eye transforming cream. This all takes less than 10 minutes. In the mornings I follow that with my Clinique foundation. To be honest the cleanser cleans great but if the other stuff makes a different , you just hope it does "Hope in a bottle".

  • ajmorrison By ajmorrison

    I am 37 and have never fallen into a great skincare routine. Most nights I fall asleep with my makeup on, a major faux pas but it's because I'm so exhausted. In the morning, which begins at 4:45 am, I remove my eye makeup and take my shower. In the shower, I exfoliate and cleanse. After I get out of the shower, I apply Este Lauder moisturizer and then my makeup. The biggest problem is that I'm getting older, my pores are getting larger, I still have acne and my make-up never stays on during the day. I wish there was a regimine that would help solve these problems and was easy to follow.

  • Lusadi By Lusadi

    I don't know that I'd call my makeup/skincare regime compelling. It needs to be quick and convenient. I often alter the product I use if I find a better one that can multitask. I am a busy mom and many mornings may only have 5 minutes to throw on basic makeup and run some quick gel through my hair. When I can stay awake long enough, I try to remember to take it off at night. I do love the new long lasting lipstick/gloss combo's, the Nic sticks (although they still need to work on that streak factor), and other specialty speed items that are hitting the shelves.

  • reetl1 By reetl1

    In the morning I use a cleaner on my face and then put my head under a towel with hot wter. I then splash my face with cold water becasue I like to make sure my pores are clean. That is a concern of mine because I have learge pores and feel very self conscious about this. I ten use mmolton brown rose was cleaner with the cloth provided to get my skin nice and smooth. I then apply eye cream for my crows feet and a moisturizer on the rest of my face that is anti aging. At night I do the same routine after using a makeup remover. I will do whatever it takes to try to keep my face looking young.

  • omiemar2 By omiemar2

    I am 41 and it seems that my skin has become more oily than it ever was. I have tried different products and nothing seems to work. There are so many products out there, but what is made for someone my age that really works. I also have the problem with acne and my eyeliner seems to melt.

  • littlestar89 By littlestar89

    Response to lswhite: The exfoliating cleanser you are using is ripping little tears in your skin which allow bacteria to creep in and causes the acne to persist and to spread. I used to have this problem (used apricot scrub, etc. for years) and my dermatologist said to stay the heck away from scrubs. She said to use a moisturizer with a mild acid to chemically remove the dead skin instead. I use what she recommended -- Alpha Hyrox -- it's in a red box and you can get it at Ulta for about $12. It lasts for a long time and there are two versions, one with SPF and one without for nighttime use. Since I started using it several years ago my skin has cleared up dramatically and never gives me any problems now. Hope this helps!

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