Does This Child Pageant Costume Cross The Line?

   By drodriguez  Sep 07, 2011

TLC’s show “Toddlers and Tiaras” spotlights the already controversial child pageant world and has managed to shock many viewers with the lengths families will go to for a win. Just days ago the show received a lot of negative press after a 4 year old competitor donned a Dolly Parton costume, complete with breast and bottom padding.

An upcoming episode, however, threatens to make the Dolly Parton incident look somewhat tame. OK! magazine reports about the soon-to-be aired episode which will show a 3 year old toddler contestant, Paisley, strutting across the stage dressed as Julia Roberts’ portrayal of a prostitute from “Pretty Woman”.

The 3 year old wears the same iconic shiny thigh-high boots, revealing short dress, and blonde bob wig that Roberts wore in the popular film.

Since news of the episode spread, critics are already speaking up about the inappropriate costume and how these pageants only serve to exploit young girls - adding to the sexualization of our youth.

But pageant critics aren’t the only ones that find this type of dress inappropriate for a young child. A pageant mom is seen in the teaser for the show expressing her disapproval of the costume.

The pageant mom explains that she would never allow her daughter to compete dressed like Paisley and goes on to say, “Us pageant moms already take a huge rap for what we’re doing to our little girls and it’s outfits like that that give us a bad rap.”

Do you think the “Pretty Woman” costume Paisley wears is inappropriate for a 3 year old?

Do you think all child pageantry is exploitative or are some people just taking it too far and giving it an undeserved negative image?

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Bryelee by Bryelee | Dover, DE
Oct 04, 2011

Sorry meant this is for fun, not fine.

Bryelee by Bryelee | Dover, DE
Oct 04, 2011

I think that shows goes WAY to far. My 3 girls are going to be in a pageant next month but it is at a pumpkin chunkin event and they will be wearing their everyday clothes. They will go onstage, talk briefly about themselves then walk off stage. For us it is more for fine than anything else. My kids saw the child pageant show and wanted to do one so I found one that wasn't both crazy expensive and bad for kids to do.

bookreadera by bookreadera | POTTSTOWN, PA
Sep 08, 2011

"Do you think the ?Pretty Woman? costume Paisley wears is inappropriate for a 3 year old?" I don't think that outfit is appropriate for a 13 y/o, let alone a 3 y/o. "Do you think all child pageantry is exploitative or are some people just taking it too far and giving it an undeserved negative image?" While I don't find the concept of child pagentry appealing, I believe it is some individual parents exploiting their children. There's no accounting for taste...

faddisccn4 by faddisccn4 | SAN ANTONIO, TX
Sep 07, 2011

In my personal opinion, having tasteful contests is not a problem. But for sure, this mom has gotten completely distasteful. And it is quite obvious she is pushing the envelope for publicity/recognition, putting her child up for collateral. She IS exploiting her child and that is really disappointing. One can only imagine that disgust Paisley will feel when she grows up and sees the episode. Cynthia

Tricias-List by Tricias-List | Millersville, MD
Sep 07, 2011

I believe that it IS too much. Pageants have gotten way out of hand.Babies wearing teeth "flippers",spray tanning,teasing thier hair and all's just ridiculous! What happened to just loving them for the cute little fresh faced cherubs that they are ?!

DianeHoffmaster by DianeHoffmaster | LILBURN, GA
Sep 07, 2011

why in the world would anyone want to put their kids or themselves through this type of thing? Kids should be KIDS...playing in dirt, reading books, having playdates...they are only little for such a short time...

FreeDomFreebies by FreeDomFreebies | The Colony, TX
Sep 07, 2011

I personally would never put the amount of pressure a pageant brings on a child. For one, they aren't mentally prepared for their parents to push them to win, win, win! It instills a sense of beauty at all costs to young girls, and what kind of message does this send to that child? It tells them to only look at the appearance to find beauty. It also creates a "child star syndrome" when they get older, their bodies change, etc. I don't like what child beauty pageants stand for, what they do or how they exploit today's young girls. I'd much rather see a competition based on scholarly goals, service to the community and those that build self esteem vs wrecking it before they've ever had a chance.....

docmp78 by docmp78 | Fridley, MN
Sep 07, 2011

I think it's just to much for little kids. I will never approve of child pageants. (this is previous users commment,i don't know y her name has disappeared!) it's not letting me post my comment,and brings me to this comment box ,so here's wht i think: i don't seem to understand wht their parents r thinking?! n i dont understand tht there r viewers to view this! I think this is termed as child abuse,n must be stopped. For me it's very disturbing. I m a pediatrician n like to see kids as kids...n c them grow as nature intended to.