Do Women Support One Another?

Aliza Freud By Aliza Freud 03.29.16
Do Women Support One Another?

Last year Similac, the baby formula brand, launched a commercial called "Mother 'Hood." The commercial highlighted "warring" between different types of moms- working moms, stay-at-home moms, athletic moms, you get the idea. 

The commercial sparked a lot of conversation about how moms, and women more generally, are not supportive of one another. In fact, many social media commenters hypothesized that women were frequently the hardest and least supportive of one another.

This got us thinking: Are women supportive of one another?  We decided to ask you, our members, what you thought. 

With over 2,000 SheSpeaks members weighing in, we learned some surprising things. Most important, we learned that just 37% of women felt that women were supportive of one another.  That number is actually even lower (31%) for women under the age of 45.  

What is going on? We asked a few of our SheSpeaks community members to give us their insights on this issue via video.  Take a look here at what they had to say:

You can also see the full report findings here: 

SheSpeaks Insights: Are Women Supporting Women? from SheSpeaks Inc.

What do you think? Are women supportive of one another? Do you think there is a difference at work, social/personal, in politics, parenting etc. with how women support one another?  

Tell us in the comments below. We can't wait to hear what you think!

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  • ActressSenayj By ActressSenayj

    At one time I would have said heck yes,but now I know better. It's happening at an alarming rate. An it's tiring to see how far some women will go. To destroy or harm what they consider the compilation. I'd like to see that change but I'm a realist. It might take a long time before the Sisterhood among Women of all races,are back to 100%. Until then we must continue to empower one another and support each other. As much as we can,when we can!

  • natasaangelidou By natasaangelidou

    Unfortunately I believe that in a relationship between women there is usually jealousy and competitivness :-( Not in all cases of course because not all characters are the same. We tend to make "friends" easily but not truly serve the true meaning of the value of friendship. Men make friend less easy but really do stand for each other and support one another.

  • Aaliyahlove By Aaliyahlove

    Women today that I have noticed don't support one another. They act like they are in competition with each other. We should be working together for the greater good. Wonderful things happen in numbers.

  • Atyson2674 By Atyson2674

    No the majority do not. There is way to much pettiness and jealousy. I honestly feel that most women would rather tear another woman down just to feed their own ego. We need to build each other up, be there for one another, and be happy for one another's successes. I truly have only a handful of women that I call my friends and we are always there for each other. I do not trust majority of women so I keep my circle small. It's sad that some would rather tear each other apart than lift each other up.

  • Ajlynn33 By Ajlynn33

    I think it depends on the woman herself. As a whole I dont think we do as much as we should, that being said I think there are women out there who hold true and support others.


    wow, it was sad to hear all this on a video, I grew up making sure I gave support to women I was raised with six sisters and my mom made sure we respected each other and others as well, I'm so gratefull for what she taught us, I will always supor all women for the best, thanks for sharing this video

  • Joanna_Topaz By Joanna_Topaz

    I understand the younger women feeling less supported. I think I'm starting to see this in the girl drama my daughter is experiencing in upper elementary. However, for my own personal experience, I have chosen surround myself with and associate with (in real life and online) only women who are supportive.

  • ima_lil_galaxy By ima_lil_galaxy

    Loved this article! I recently watched a presentation by the group Catalyst that debunked myths around women in the workplace and women not supporting one another was a myth they debunked with research. I'm amazed at the changes happening in the workplace!

  • dmdifalco By dmdifalco

    I am sadly well aware of the younger generation of women not supporting one another. I think it's not only the internet but all media. A lot of the television reality series show women bashing women. Competition will destroy relationships. I am grateful I had plenty of lifelong supportive women friendships. Yes, I am older...late 50's. I say this because there was a time when women really respected one another. Can it go back? I don't know.

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