Do Not Watch This Mother's Day Ad Without Tissues Handy

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Apr 21, 2015

Break out the box of tissues because a new ad coming just in time for Mother’s Day will almost certainly have you shedding a tear or two. A company called Pandora Jewelry highlights how unforgettable moms truly are when they film young children blindly finding their own mothers out of a lineup of several other women.

Of course it’s very possible the “moms” in this commercial are just actresses and who knows – the kids may not even be their kids. But like many other heart wrenching ads, this one has moms everywhere welling up.

The ad shows what they call “the unique connection” between mother and child when they blindfold kids before they walk down a line of moms to find their own. Each child feels the women’s facial features, clothing, hair and of course jewelry to identify their own moms and when they do the blindfold is removed and a big hug ensues.

All the children are able to find their moms by touch even though they can’t see them and many of the moms in the commercial appear to tear up as their child finds them. The ad spot ends with the words, “All women are unique. Celebrate the one in your heart.” Now go buy your mom a bracelet…or at least give her a call!

Will it be a quiet breakfast in bed or a Sunday brunch out kind of day?

Share how will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year!

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