Diva Cup Model 1

Diva Cup Model 1

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WOW the results were amazing This is a ladies must have! No more dogs eating your... out of the trash, no wasting money, asking around for a spare or having to makeshifting something for your period! Even better no more fussing ever 2-4hrs in the bathroom! This is one of the Best invention!!!

Too long/Uncomfortable I ordered this and never again. It's just simply waaayyy too long for me that's all. Menstrual cups are finicky though. Some girls have to go through 3 different ones to find the best size. I settled on 2 different ones for me for day time and night time.

Best switch Switching to the DivaCup was one of the best decisions I've made! There are times when it's easier for me to insert than others. I haven't had any leaks, it's comfortable and saves me money!

Worth it! I'm so glad I finally tried this I got model 2 and I love it to wear overnite and wish I had know about it years ago. No leaks easy to insert and place correctly and what money saver for me and better for the environment.

Very great when used properly Four stars because when it works, it's awesome. However, I have to take away one star because sometimes it can be hard getting the diva cup inserted properly. It must be put in a certain way or else it won't work. You have to clean it quite often, so keep that in mind. However, I loved using this product as an alternative to tampons and/or pads because it's reusable and better for the environment, and it saved me so much money in the long run.

I love my diva cup, I was nervous about it at first and didn't know what to expect but it became very easy to use after like the first day, it saves money and the earth!!

Best $35 I?ve ever spent! I LOVE my Diva cup! The first day I used it I was in love. I was scared that I wouldn't put it in correctly but it was easier than I thought. I didn't and haven't had any leaks. I'm sure you all are wondering ?Is it messy?? Because I was worried too but it isn't. I removed it with no mess! I love it and I've been recommending it to all of my friends, family, coworkers, and now you guys. P.S. I like to put mine in in the shower!

Freaking in love Truly love my Diva Cup and the customer service is awesome! Seriously will never use a cotton tampon again!

Overall very good Extremely practical. Didn't take more than a day or two before I had it figured out regarding placement etc. I used to burn through tampons like crazy and I am so pleased to have a reusable option. I am under 25 and have not had children so I purchased size 1, but due to a heavy flow wish I had purchased size 2 and will have to make that switch. Product is made in Canada and I am happy with the quality .