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  • melaniezinc By  melaniezinc    

    My two daughters love this amazing show. They always watch it on netflix.

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  • Serendipity8 By  Serendipity8    

    I'm an adult but at the same time a big kid. I love this show, these kinds are so innovative. It really puts things in perspective.

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  • Mommeex3 By  Mommeex3    

    This is a cute show, however I would love to see Candice's mom finally catch phinneas and pherb!! My boys like it!

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  • savannahpcuevas By  savannahpcuevas    

    Its a good show for kids, it inspires them and give them ideas to try and be spontaneous. Also to try and step out of their comfort zone every once and a while.

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  • MaddiePaige By  MaddiePaige    

    Very fun and great to entertain the kids. Whenever i babysit it gets the kids so quiet its amazing. The show is great though very funny and cool for kids. I would tell any parent to let there kids watch this

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  • melissa28152 By  melissa28152    

    My nephew loves this show. Its a cute show even I enjoy it

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  • Afroman231 By  Afroman231    

    I like to watch Phineas and Ferb

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  • elainejade By  elainejade    

    Great for the kids with lots of entertainment for the adults. I've noticed my nephews have started developing a great sense of humor, and I credit this show.

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  • behindthesealouise By  behindthesealouise    

    It's cute.

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  • Louidam1 By  Louidam1    

    My daughters ages 8 and 6 loves watching this show because Phineas and Ferb is always getting into cool stuff that their sister always tries to find ways to tell on them.

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  • Cowgirl07 By  Cowgirl07    

    I can honestly say that if Phineas and Ferb wasn't on Netflix I would cry. I love this show, my husband and I have watched every episode on Netflix so far. We don't have a tv, just our computers so we can only watch it on there, but this show redeems modern cartoons a little in my eyes. They did a great job making it and it's a definite go to whenever I am babysitting. You can't beat it!

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  • Neria86 By  Neria86    

    Best Carton Disney Channel has right now. Fun, modern, and definitely a show any family would love.

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  • HollyPritchettxoxo By  HollyPritchettxoxo    

    Very awesome, sparks imaginative ideas

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  • Downgirl561 By  Downgirl561    

    My kids love this show, it's very imaginative..

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  • stcyngrry By  stcyngrry    

    My kids love this show! It reminds me of when I was growing up with two brothers and I was always trying to get them in trouble....lol! Now I have three kids, two boys and a girl, and they are exactly the same! Fhineas and ferb it a good family show, I would recommend this for all ages.

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