Disney Aristocats Cat Food

Disney Aristocats Cat Food

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My cat Itachi loved it! She enjoys having this wet food every now and then, she didn't have problems pooping either. Good product.

Aristocats canned cat food has won over my finicky felines. My older cat had turned up his nose at Fancy Feast several years ago, along with a couple other brands, so I gave up on him ever eating wet food. But when I got a new kitten, I decided to try to see if he would eat wet food. I bought Aristocats because it was on special for just 39 cents a can! Ironically enough, the kitten ignored it, but the older cat loved it, eating both his portion and the kitten's. This continued until the kitten finally figured if the older cat were enjoying it so much, he should try it - so now they both look forward to their morning and evening Aristocats snack. I only found one problematic flavor so far, and that's Turkey and Giblets - the gravy congealed after a few hours and the meat dried out. But the other flavors have been retaining their freshness, as long as I put a plastic lid atop the can and put it in the fridge. What more can I say? Aristocats is adding some (hopefully) healthy wet food into my kitties' diet, it's inexpensive, and I enjoy brightening their day with their Aristocats snack. I highly recommend it for cat owners who have 'struck out' trying other wet foods on their kitties.