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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    Need something to do? Watch this

    Sad they didn't make more like this a fan favorite popular with most of the people I know I was on the edge of my seat engrossing I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone big hit so cool you can get the DVDs now

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  • mrobin77 By  mrobin77    


    Never get tired of this show. Always something exciting or dramatic happening or about yo happen. Interesting and informative narrator who keeps you updated about

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  • doglady6 By  doglady6    

    Me and my family watch this ,love this channel,hard to find descent shows for family to watch together,I wish there were more family shows!

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  • Colibeth By  Colibeth    

    Great show, love the Discovery channel. Often on all day on lazy Saturday's.

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  • sara321 By  sara321    

    Watch every single week. Love this show. My son now wants to be a crab fisherman when he grows up. Going to have to work on changing his mind in the next 13 years. This momma could not handle that.

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  • angie1966 By  angie1966    

    Have to watch it every week. Miss Capt Phil

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  • HomemadeMom By  HomemadeMom    

    My husband and kids watch this together. It's incredible the way the guys put themselves on the line for this job! Makes me so thankful for the job I have!

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    We watch this show all the time. But its just not as good since losing Phil. I really miss him on there.

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  • Racingchik44 By  Racingchik44    

    This used to be one of my favorite shows. It's just not the same without Phil on the show.

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  • MollyS19 By  MollyS19    

    My family and I love this show. We have watched it so many season these people seem like friends that we know! It is so incrediable what they go through to bring us such an amazing food item. My daughter who is 4 watches the show with us. I give them so much credit for putting up with all the elements and all that is involved with this. Even the camera men have to have some guts. I reccomend everyone watch so they earn some appreciation for what those men go through to put those crab legs on your plate.

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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    Have always loved the show, like that they've included two new young captains for this season.

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  • happyjen By  happyjen    

    I myself have never really given it a chance but my husband it hooked. Hes not one to watch tv but this one he even uses the dvr on and if you mess it up your in trouble lol He loves The Cornelie Marie and is gonna miss Capt. Phil Harris very much! He says its like you know the guys personally!

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  • dales10701 By  dales10701    

    I love this show. The Time Bandit ROCKS!

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  • katievj00 By  katievj00    

    i feel like for whatever reason people like this show. it draws you in. its wild

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  • rockyroad777 By  rockyroad777    

    can't wait till it starts again ,i love this show.....

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