SHESPEAKS Your Power to Influence

SheSpeaks Guidelines for Disclosure

We love your opinions and we only want more.

SheSpeaks is a place where women can voice their opinion and see the impact.  You can share your opinion with the SheSpeaks community, brands and the public and have a direct influence on them all.

Let your friends know

If you are part of a SheSpeaks program and have something to share about your experience with a product, service or coupon purchase, all we ask is that when you share your opinion you disclose to your friends that you received the product from the brand as part of a SheSpeaks program.

Give them the scoop

When you share your opinion on a blog, when you pass-along coupons or when you are just talking with friends about the product, please disclose how you received the product and please be as factual as possible about your experience.  The SheSpeaks community of women are natural connectors and want to talk about the things they love and those they don’t, that collective power of your feedback is making an impact on brands we use everyday.

The legal part

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have introduced some new guidelines to help protect consumers from false claims on product benefits.  We work with the manufacturers on their product messaging and therefore the information we provide to you is factually correct and verified.  If you publish comments relating to a product please be clear that it is your opinion. If you would like to learn more about the FTC guidelines you can find the details here.