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  • Bettercustomeru By  Bettercustomeru    

    Would reach for

    This is one of my faves for WHAM BAM lashes!!! Also... Again...The black is very Rich Glossy and pigmented but I love that the brown is just as much so ( and available in this formula!!!). It creates a long and dramatic look WITHOUT looking like a clumped spider monster. I am not the best at working with overly wet liquid messy formulas which smudges on my eyes. I can work with this even being awkward... And I enjoy it very much.

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  • monicamonica911 By  monicamonica911    

    Best mascara I have ever used

    Absolutely the best mascara I have ever used. I have tried dozens of different mascaras over the years and I keep coming back to this one. The formula is great, and the brush is very thick and big. I am a Dior mascara fan for life.

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  • ashleyscarberry By  ashleyscarberry    

    I've tried many mascaras but I think this is def my favorite!!!! No clump, goes on easy and stays on all day!!

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Very good mascara.

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  • Kellies By  Kellies    

    This is the best mascara ever!my number one,a must try for all the girls!!!

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  • Aantonelli1 By  Aantonelli1    

    This a great mascara. I used it for years and never had a problem. I recently switched to Diorshow Extase because it does help with separation a little more, but the regular formula is a best seller for a reason. It adds that volume and length that everyone yearns for without the clumping and flaking.

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  • Amymarie343 By  Amymarie343    

    Very over priced for a mascara, these things have got to be thrown out after 3 months! If not, bacteria city, so a bit to pricey. This product does deliver however great volumized lashes with no flaking! So maybe just one tube....

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  • Mimimaro By  Mimimaro    

    I really love this mascara, it's one of my few favorites. It lengthens my lashes and gives it volume without clumping them. I pair it with the Lancome mascara base at times too. It is worth every penny spent on this mascara! Love it!

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  • Leslirn By  Leslirn    

    Great mascara, never budges, good separation and lengthening and great staying power

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  • Tonylogiurato By  Tonylogiurato    

    Love the black on my eyes

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  • drewzmom By  drewzmom    

    Worth the cost...love the blackout...doesn't clump

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    did not clump.. LOVED the brush and was buildable. loved the formula too!! lasted me FOREVER, far longer then a reg mascara. worth the $30 or so bucks I paid for it...worth every cent!

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  • mackeniem26 By  mackeniem26    

    Really good, worth the money. It doesnt clump either!

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  • blossoms By  blossoms    

    I really like Dior Show mascara because it does not clump my lashes, and when I apply it my lashes get longer, thicker, and curly.

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  • Erzse01 By  Erzse01    

    Dior is pricey but is well worth the money. One thing that i love about this mascara is that is you can use an eyeliner. brush (brush along the wand to get some mascara on it) and use it as an eyeliner. I then swipe on some grayish shade of shadow on my lid and over the eyeliner. It really makes my eyes pop! It's a trick I learned from one of the Dior makeup artists!

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