SHESPEAKS Your Power to Influence


*Digiday Award Submission*

What It Is and How It Works:

The Business of Hair:
The haircare business is the largest of the global beauty category with $38B spent annually representing about 40% of all beauty purchases.

The space is crowded with established brands and value driven offerings, lacking true breakthrough innovations.

The beauty space is also one of the most talked about in social media with over 12 million hair related conversations taking place each month on Twitter alone. 98% of consumers will recommend haircare products to others while 85% of consumers report that they rely on recommendations from others to make hair purchase decisions.

At L'Oréal Paris USA, the large number of conversations about haircare in social and high recommendation activity in the category represented a significant opportunity for our Advanced Haircare line.

We created a social media campaign to capture a share of these haircare conversations while simultaneously building relationships with social consumers. We also recognized that a ?one hit campaign? was not enough ? our intent was to build engaging content and enduring brand advocacy through multiple activations over time.

Beginning in April 2013, L'Oréal Paris joined the haircare discussion on Twitter by answering consumer?s day-to-day haircare questions with expert advice. Questions like: "My hair is a disaster in the humid summer weather. Help! What can I do to tame the frizzies??

The Results:
The Company partnered with influencer platform, SheSpeaks, to engage with socially savvy consumers and create brand conversations. Not only did we successfully spur thousands of conversations on Twitter but, we reached millions of new consumers with our brand messaging. To date, the program has:

These results consistently exceeded goals by 200% for both reach and impressions.

By responding to consumer questions, and offering access to our experts, L'Oréal Paris became a trusted participant in the social conversation about haircare. Consumers learned about our social presence, and we have become a go-to resource for haircare advice.