Did Netflix Get it Right This Time?

   By drodriguez  Nov 28, 2011

If you’re among one of the many fans of the show Arrested Development, you were probably very sad to see it go after just three short seasons. Now some years later there are plans to revive the cult classic and bring it back to fans who can see the show exclusively on Netflix streaming.

Netflix has seen its ups and down over the last several years as it attempts to fit in and grow along side the ever-changing world of home entertainment. Many scoffed at Netflix’s previous plan to raise prices and do away with the DVD by mail service (offering it through a separate service called Qwikster) while focusing primarily on their streaming-only customers the idea of separating.

After receiving loads of criticism from existing customers, Netflix trashed the plan and decided to keep thinking on how they should go forward. And their thinking just may have paid off.

This latest plan to revive Arrested Developmentm which is set to air in 2013, has peaked the interest of many and begs the question of whether Netflix plans to try this with other shows that were cancelled too early and might attract a large audience of pre-existing fans.

Netflix Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, explains in a press release why they chose Arrested Development and how its return is a step in the right direction for the home entertainment company. Sarandos says, “Arrested Development is one of the finest American comedies in TV history and its return through Netflix is a perfect example of how we are working closely with studios and networks to provide consumers with entertainment they love.”

Are you excited about Netflix’s plan to revive the previously cancelled Arrested Development?

Tell us which shows you would like to see brought back!

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picturemommy by picturemommy | marietta, GA
Dec 02, 2011

I, like A LOT of unhappy folks, dumped Netflix. I have signed on with Blockbuster online and could not be HAPPIER! I can return in stores, I can get games and no additional fee and the movie selection is super! I know it will only be a matter of time before they just to the streaming world as well. Netflix should have LISTENED to it's LOYAL customers....when it ain't BROKE...don't FIX IT!

jemappel by jemappel | Rye Brook, NY
Nov 29, 2011

aside from the netflix factor, i would love for someone to bring back love boat, fantasy island and falcon crest. every once in a while i look for those shows but i can't find them anywhere.

heatherv112506 by heatherv112506 | Vero Beach, FL
Nov 29, 2011

Myself and other people I know have now changed ours to streaming only. The prices are absurd now.

Sjbutterfie by Sjbutterfie | GRAYSON, KY
Nov 28, 2011

I have netflix, but I dropped the plan before the big change and kept the strictly streaming because the prices are ridiculous & they are putting basically C & D movies at best sometimes as new releases which I think is not worth it. The only reason I'm still subscribed with Netflix is the tv-shows, but they have begun to only have a few of them on there I like for a short period of time then they take them off? I don't get what they are trying to do, but all they've done is tick off a bunch of their customers. If they keep taking the shows off I won't no longer be a member unless they give me something worth watching.

cocoabella by cocoabella | EL PASO, TX
Nov 28, 2011

No. This doesn't make up for Netflix trying to shark their loyal customers by charging too much money in their HUGE fee increases. Netflix had a good thing going on and they got greedy and screwed it up. They screwed their consumer base and it backfired on them. Bringing back some old comedy series is not going to make up for their corporate greed.