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  • irelands15 By  irelands15    


    I don't know why it took me so long to add toner to my skincare routine, but oh man am I glad I did. My skin's complexion and texture smoothed out and it really does minimize pores. I love that it's alcohol-free and a natural ingredient! I find the smell pleasant and that it's refreshing to apply to my face. Also, I'm only halfway through my bottle and I've been using it twice a day for 3 months now!

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  • Gemstar37 By  Gemstar37    

    dickinsons toner

    this toner is the best it naturally tones the skin so it makes your pores appear smaller, it gives your skin a cool refreshing feel. I use this toner after a workout or when its hot

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  • ajwatkins78 By  ajwatkins78    

    I love this toner! It gets all my make up off and leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated!

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  • jo8207 By  jo8207    

    Love this stuff keep skin rejuvenated and refreshed. I have the cleanse wipes and feel great on my skin

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  • Babygeorgia By  Babygeorgia    

    A refreshing toner at an affordable price. Helps get all my makeup off.

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  • julietsfolly By  julietsfolly    

    Witch Hazel is an all natural remedy and the fact the used it in a toner is amazing! It isn't scented and some people may not like that but for those with a sensitivity to fragrance this is perfect!

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  • crystal1210 By  crystal1210    

    nice toner, but I prefer the scented ones by Thayers

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  • ThisCharmingMiss By  ThisCharmingMiss    

    This product is amazing for changing the feel of the skin on your face! I could honestly say it made my pores shrink a little and it made it feel less oily. Definitely something I recommend for all face types.

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