Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Dog Food

Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Dog Food

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Not the best food, but still really decent. The pricing is so-so. My dogs aren't crazy about Natural Balance, but this is definitely their favorite flavor. This is sometimes my go to for really picky eaters.

I would not recommend. I bought this brand because it was supposed to be better than the brand I was using and my dog got sick after eating it. She's ok now but if your dog is sensitive to certain ingredients don't buy this brand.

I have three dogs they all seem to like most of the flavors- especially fish & sweet potato. They don't seem to get quite as excited about this as they do some other brands, but I think this is healthier than most of the other brands. Wishing it wasn't so pricey.

Our Bichon ate Dick Van Patten food for about 8 years. He loved all the different flavors and did very well on them. He ate the Lamb and brown rice for the longest time. He liked the Sweet Potato and Duck but it made him a tad thirsty. He ended up with a bladder stone so we had to change his food but I believe it is a quality food for dogs.

My dogs are on the Natural Balance Synergy food. The lady at the pet food store recommended it for my dog with digestion issues because it has psyllium husk in it. The other ingredients looked good to me and I immediately liked that it had chicken and salmon in it, but not duck, which Busby can't digest. It was an immediate hit, Busby is having regular poops, and we've been on this now for a year and everyone still loves it and is doing great. I would recommend Natural Balance to anyone.

My boxer/pit bull has allergies as well and his red, irritated paws seemed to clear up within a couple weeks on the Vegetarian version of this food. I have tried the Nature's Recipe vegetarian formula and that worked on his allergies as well, but made his stool very soft, and the vet complained that there wasn't anything substantial in the Natures Recipe ingredients. This food however, seems to have more substance as the soft stool problem has been largely resolved (though not as normal looking as it was on a meat-based diet) and the allergy issues have been nearly eliminated as well.

I also have an allergic dog and this is the only food he would eat and actually helped his symptoms to go away. Very happy with this food and the ingredients are great. I buy Sweet Potato and Venison L.I.D. ? I never knew how great Venison is for dogs until I found this food. Brady jumps sky high when he hears me fill his bowl (he's a Jack Russell) ? which makes me very happy, because before this food he was picky and didn't always eat. I am a big fan.

My lab has allergies, this food has been great for her. We use sweet potato and venison, its cheaper than the vet brand and she likes it so much better. I would suggest this brand to anyone who has a dog with allergies.

I'm a huge fan of this dog food, mostly because it's helped my dog's digestion SO much. She was having....issues, but once we got her on Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Sweet Potato & Venison, she has been perfectly fine. The less ingredients means much less for her poor tummy to be upset with. The nice part is that there is matching canned food and treats that we can use without switching flavor or formula. I highly recommend trying any version of Natural Balance; we won't use anything else!