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  • consteche By  consteche    

    This is a really, really interesting body wash that I've been able to try. I was really doubtful about it but I'm glad I took a sniff of it at the store and bought it! Lemongrass has a strong smell and doesn't mix well depending on what you are trying it with but they got this scent right. It cleanses my skin well, lathers great, and you don't need to use much for your shower. This is one of the more expensive Dial products but it's really worth it.

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  • fixedcrystal By  fixedcrystal    

    Leaves you feeling almost slimy, like you couldn't rinse all of the soap off.

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  • CarrieElise By  CarrieElise    

    These smell great, moisturize your skin, and are a great value!

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  • Trinipop By  Trinipop    

    the soap smells good but feels like its stick to your skin

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  • Pikpop By  Pikpop    

    its good but feels like it is stuck on your skin after your done taking a shower

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  • jlvega By  jlvega    

    At around $4 per bottle, this has got to be the smartest, cheapest beauty decision ever. This body wash smells extremely fresh and clean, It's non irritating. My skin takes a beating from many other body washes because of unnecessary fragrances and dyes. Most other body washes leaving my skin itchy and dry, but not Dial Nutriskin Ultra Hydrating Body Wash, Grapeseed Oil and Lemongrass. It's excellent and affordable. Perfect!

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