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  • zsazsa By  zsazsa    

    Such a good pizza if you want something that doesn't taste cheap.

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  • Clgarren2036 By  Clgarren2036    

    Great Pizza

    Everyone loves pizza! This pizza specifically is top notch. Flavorful, cheesy and lots of toppings!

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  • Jadesharma By  Jadesharma    

    Thevwhole family loves these pizzas. We buy them and eat them same day because we cannot wait for pizza night. Fluffy and crunchy at the same time

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  • Greatladysub5 By  Greatladysub5    

    This is so good. Love it . love to have this on Friday night . so good. . pizza my favorite thing. Especially when your on the go.

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  • Beautifuldisaster30 By  Beautifuldisaster30    

    These pizzas are awesome and they are a great quick and delicious dinner.

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  • Adair90 By  Adair90    

    these are really good! my 5 year old loves to eat these and will chose them over ice cream!

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  • octobermommy2012 By  octobermommy2012    

    DiGiorno pizzeria! Italian Style Meat Trio is my husbands favorite pizza. my favorite is the cheese, but my husbands love the his meat. great pizza though.

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  • Mi1onus By  Mi1onus    

    I tried this once and it's just not good. The sauce had a strong sweet flavor which sauce shouldn't have and the cheese tasted unusual also. A lot of frozen pizzas have a certain amount of sugar but this one was just over the top disgusting.

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  • kehly123 By  kehly123    

    My kids love Digiorno pizzas!

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  • aaj0525 By  aaj0525    

    Close to Delivered flavor!

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  • Juicycat By  Juicycat    

    Not a fan of frozen pizza.

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    The whole family loves these! Great pizza and an excellent price on sale with coupons!

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    YUM! crust comes out perfectly and toppings are always good. best frozen pizza you can get.

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  • tinkerbell0124 By  tinkerbell0124    

    My favorite pizza for after the kids go to bed.. fancy, without the fancy price

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  • MekaMarie By  MekaMarie    

    I despise frozen pizza, but this is really not your typical frozen pizza. The taste is fresh, almost like delivered pizza from certain pizza places, just not quite. Really very good however.

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