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  • moneysavingmominky By  moneysavingmominky    

    The DiGiorno Crispy Flatbread pizzas are fantastic! My husband and I LOVE the Tuscan Style Chicken and Italian Sausage & Onions! They both had the perfect amount of toppings and an overall great flavor. We will definitely buy these again and would recommend these.

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  • tmaree67 By  tmaree67    

    I will buy this pizza again ! The crust was the best part of this pizza.

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  • mordor By  mordor    

    I'm usually not a fan of frozen pizza but DiGiorno is one of my only exceptions, plus I love flatbreads. They are incredible.

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  • NanaShan76 By  NanaShan76    

    My kids love these! They are very meaty and have a pretty good crust, if you follow the cooking instructions on the box.

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  • Butters123 By  Butters123    

    Digiorno pizza is really good. The fact that they don't use MSG is a bonus!

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  • pbarbee By  pbarbee    

    The DiGiorno Crispy Flatbread Pizza is a really good frozen pizza.

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  • minne-lady By  minne-lady    

    It's good for frozen pizza. My only critique is that the crust is the texture of thick biscuit dough.

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  • mariadereknash By  mariadereknash    

    Was pretty good

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    Love this pizza. Easy to make. Great 20-minute meal. I would recommend.

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  • Tinkerbelle36 By  Tinkerbelle36    

    I LOVE This! !

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  • shar111 By  shar111    

    Yummy!!! this is the best way to describe Digiorno. its filling with just the right amount of cheese and sauce for me. I like the crispy crust it's so good.

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  • Halcat By  Halcat    

    Looks better then it tastes

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  • KarenSol By  KarenSol    

    Anything DiGiorno is a winner! Their pizzas are fresh and delicious with a crust that is unparalled among frozen pizzas. The crispy flatbread is my favorite, it's my kids second favorite, the stuff crust is #1 with them.

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  • mrssmith81 By  mrssmith81    

    I would really love to try these I think my kids would love them

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  • smurfette498 By  smurfette498    

    Just for me! I usually prefer flatbread over hand tossed or pan pizza. The crust is like takeout but without the higher price.

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