DeviceWear Peak Vegan Leather iPad 3 Cover

DeviceWear Peak Vegan Leather iPad 3 Cover

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The only skin that belongs to me is mine - so faux leather is the perfect option for me to protect my ipad - its sturdy and looks and feels great.

I can't speak for the long term quality of the DeviceWear's IPad 3 Vegan Leather protective cover. I just received mine from Amazon. I love the look. It looks like a quality cover. I chose this cover b/c I liked the fact that it protects the corners of my Ipad unlike some of the other covers I considered. It holds my Ipad3 securely in place via a velcro strap. I like that it has a tuck in tab on the back for when you want to stand up your Ipad for viewing or use it in the slanted form to type on. All of my buttons are easily accessible. I don't understand why the elastic hand-carry-strap is on the inside of this cover?? My hubby said this is for when you are using the Ipad, you can tuck your hand into the hand-strap to keep the Ipad secure and keep it from falling. but I would think a strap on the outside of the cover would make more sense. This cover is not at all bulky. I haven't used the sleep feature of this cover yet so I can't speak to how well or not it works. I was worried that the white stitching on this cover would make it look cheap, but the white stitching doesn't take away from the quality look of the cover at all. I have used the stand feature to type on my Ipad and it held my Ipad up securely so that I could type. We shall see how this cover holds up with usage. For $25.00, I am pleased with this DeviceWear Ipad3 cover. I'm happy now that my Ipad is in a protective cover and my $500 investment is protected.