Developlus Color Oops

Developlus Color Oops

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I have used this on multiple occasions and it almost always gets the color out! I've had a couple of freak incidents when this just didn't work but luckily in the end I was able to solve the problem. The smell is really awful and it's a hard consistency to work with (very liquidy).

I used this product when I messed up on my hair color I was using. So I went and got the color oops and it did say on the box that it is normal that your hair will turn orange, but it looked crazy! But It worked cause it took my messed up color right off. You can also color your hair after you do this(after your hair dries of course!) LOL!

Recently I went on a "wild hair kick" and decided my hair needed some red in it. I picked a beautiful shade of auburn red. Well to my horror 20 minutes later I ended up with bright plum hair. YIKES. I didn't have the money to go to the salon nor extra money to find a babysitter for my kids for 2 hours. I remembered seeing this product at our local CVS. So of course 12 hours later I went in search of it. Yes the product smells and is really thin but IT TRULY WORKED! It took about 90% of the red tone out. I still have some red but it brought me back to a light brownish red color. It does take a long time to rinse out. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS EXACTLY. And wash an extra few times to be on the safe side. My hair does feel a little dry but I am just making sure I use a deep conditioner every few days. Overall this product was a lifesaver.