Deni 45 Blade Meat Tenderizer

Deni 45 Blade Meat Tenderizer

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With the economy the way it is (not to mention high food prices!), it is not in my budget to buy a good steak. I love a good steak on the grill so had to find a way to satisfy my craving. After watching a few shows on Food Network, I noticed some of the Chefs were using a meat tenderizer (for beef, pork, chicken etc). Off I went on my search. I found what they were using - big $$ tenderizers which would defeat my purpose of buying cheaper meats. I found the "Deni 45 Blade Meat Tenderizer" for $15.99. After reading various reviewes, I settled on the 45 blade because it would do what I needed. Other models have more blades, some less. '45' seemed to be the 'right amount'. On to how it works: I buy 'chuck steak' at my butchers. He only has it during the summer months, so in the winter I buy a chuck roast and have them slice it lengthwise, then into steak portions. That's all a chuck steak is - a thinner chuck roast. I take each steak portion and, per the Deni directions, use the blades 4-5 times across the meat. At that time, you can marinate it or just season it. The blades cut down the meat fibers that occur in cheaper cuts. After grilling, you won't know it isn't a regular steak cut! I have served this for parties and no one was the wiser....and I get my steak fix! :) You can use it for boneless chicken breasts that you want to marinade since the blades 'aerate' it (wrong word - I hope you know what I mean) so the marinade really penetrates into the breast. I bought my Deni 8 years ago - still one of the BEST 'gadgets' that I have ever obtained - it has never made it into my 'graveyard' drawer.