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  • AnnanMatt2018 By  AnnanMatt2018    

    Very Impressed With Durability

    I bought this for my daughter when she was 2 years old. She is now 4 and the frame is still in perfect condition. The mattress has been replaced once but the bed itself is still perfect. I have recommended this to friends and family! Even the stickers is still on the frame. Usually they would fall off after a couple of months, but here we are about 2.5 years later and they aren't coming off.

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  • Seafoam18 By  Seafoam18    

    I have two of these beds (Minnie Mouse Purple and Princess pink) for my girls ages 2 and 4. Perfect size for both. Good cheap option for an in between from crib to twin bed. Also able to save money additionally from reusing the crib mattress on this bed as it still fits. One of my girls loves rough housing and the bed will not withstand constant shaking and jumping so one of the joints has busted. It still stands even with the broken piece so I am not concerned it will break on her in the middle of the night. Also one of the beds is the older version with the bars under the crib mattress and the other is the newer version with the tarp under the mattress. I prefer the bars as it is more stable.

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    This is a cute bed for littles to use. Little K loves her bed!

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  • pplumadore By  pplumadore    

    This bed is very cheaply made in my opinion. The bed was exciting enough to get my little one to sleep in her own bed, but I didnt feel it was very sturdy. Fine for 2-4 age range, but wont last much past that.

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  • AshleighEllena17 By  AshleighEllena17    

    I bought this bed for my daughter. She liked it and it was the perfect size for her. She's 6 now but she used it when she was 4-5.

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  • Audreysmom09 By  Audreysmom09    

    We just got this bed from my sister for our two year old. She absolutely loves the bed and it has helped her be more comfortable in her own room. It is of decent quality and definitly has appeal for a little girl who loves Dora and the color pink!

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  • Kathymc420 By  Kathymc420    

    My 4yr old daughter LOVES this bed!!

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  • anamika By  anamika    

    i bought this recently for my daughter..she is a toddler...she loves the bed as it is pink and has dora pictures in it....looks very comfortable to me too....

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  • onlyme212529 By  onlyme212529    

    We bought this bed for our oldest daughter(now 6) when she was 19 months and she was absolutely THRILLED that she could sleep on something that had Dora's picture on it. I gotta admit the slates(or bars) to hold the bed where kinda difficult to put together and stay together,but once we got it it was great. It survived through 2 rowdy daughters so I would definately recommend this bed

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  • blessedwithtwo By  blessedwithtwo    

    My daughter loves this bed. It was really easy to put together. It's really sturdy and very cute!!!

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  • ginagina909 By  ginagina909    

    We have this bed, but the princess style. My daughter adores this bed, its cut and somewhat easy to put together. This hard part about the princess style is that it has a canopy that took work. But i would recommend this bed. So cute!!

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