Delicious Black Bean Sauce


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  • Prep Time:
    10 Mins
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  • Total Prep + Cook Time:
    10 Mins
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Delicious Black Bean Sauce

Makes: 46 ounces

Description: Use as a side, a sauce or add to your favorite Mexican recipe! This is a no cook recipe

1  30 oz. can La Preferida Black Beans
1  16 oz jar of your favorite salsa or use homemade
1/4 Cup  cilantro, rough chopped
jalepenos  to taste
lemon or lime juice  to taste

Instructions: Drain the beans. Take half of the drained beans and puree them in your food processor. They will turn into a pasty consistency that looks like chocolate pudding. Mix the pureed and whole drained beans with the salsa in a bowl. Add the cilantro and jalepenos or other hot peppers to taste. I also like to squeeze half a lemon. Mix and taste.

This sauce can be used over grilled chicken and rice as an entree. I also like to use it as a base for tacos and burritos or as a dipping sauce. My favorite use is for nachos, like at your favorite restaurant. Put the chips on a plate surrounding a salsa crock. Drizzle black bean sauce, plus cheese over the chips. Place in oven to melt cheese and add your favorite toppings like onions, cilantro, diced chicken or taco meat. The possibilities are endless!

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