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  • Camilley0 By  Camilley0    

    Cats say NO!

    My cat are not too picky. But I bought them some of these and it was like the plague hit the house. I am not sure exactly what it was they did not like about them. But them smell to me was horrendous! Really weird meat smell. I am sure they were perfectly fine and fresh, but I do not know how they ate even half a bag. They really enjoy those "crack" snacks called Temptations though.

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  • Emilyfuhr By  Emilyfuhr    

    My cats love these! As soon as we shake it they come running.. which is very helpful when you can't find them. Love the container too it keeps them fresh and is very convenient.

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  • TaylorPeedin By  TaylorPeedin    

    My cat loves these he won't take a bite out of his food bowl unless i top it off with one of these treats. he is pretty spoiled and picky.

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  • steelkat By  steelkat    

    I liked the treatsvas well as the container. .... kept them fresh and moist unlike the bagged ones

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  • ceespeaks By  ceespeaks    

    My 1 year old cat is very picky, but he will play fetch the ball for these. Too cute! He really likes them!

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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    My cat LOVES these treats. She's a pict eater but she can't get enough of these

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  • Rachael403 By  Rachael403    

    I Bought these treats a couple of years ago for the first time. We have a picky cat that turns down most canned cat food, treats and dry food. Our cat loves these. She likes them so much that she knows when we are opening the treat jar, and will come running!

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  • ThatsMeCada By  ThatsMeCada    

    I have 4 cats that love treats, these are no exception to that, they try really hard to open this canister themselves, ive even taught my cat "Honey" to grab the treat out of the canister herself then shes rewarded for doing so. I personally love the affordability of these treats and that they an approprite size for cats of all ages and of course that my cats like them.

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  • marip1 By  marip1    

    My cats loves these.

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  • karyb72 By  karyb72    

    My cat LOVES these! He will open the cabinet and pester me until I give him his treat - We have had such a good time playing with him and then rewarding him with this cat yummy treat!

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  • khrystal420 By  khrystal420    

    This product is a good treat. With 2 kittens eating them I never had any problems. They went nuts for them. My issue was when I fed the treats to my adult cats and they both ended up with tummy troubles. And were sick for about a week.

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  • DoveDove By  DoveDove    

    Our cats LOVE these Pounce Treats! If we shake the bottle they come running. They are soft, chewy and cut into fun little shapes. The lid is a pop-top one to make it easy to access, but still keeps the treats fresh and moist. We get them for Walmart. They are inexpensive for the size and very good quality for our multiple cats. I recommend these to anyone with spoiled kitties.

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  • grammamonsey By  grammamonsey    

    My cats have all come running for this treat. I like it that it's in a container with a lid so I can be sure that it's going to stay fresh.

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  • cynajen By  cynajen    

    All my kitties have loved Pounce and they know that distinctive shake of the bottle.

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  • Simplyalyssaa By  Simplyalyssaa    

    I got started giving my cats treats about 4 months ago. I tried different brands but I found they really responded to the Pounce Cat Treats, I have the tuna flavored one. I even got to teach my one male kitten to sit when getting his treat. I think these are the best to get for your kittens. They will love them, even for grown cats, my grown male one loves them as well. I am almost out I need to go buy more. I have 5 of my own cats and they just love to chow down on these. I recommend these to anyone who owns a cat! You can find these at I'm pretty sure all Walmarts!

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