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  • Viktorian By  Viktorian    

    Going and going

    I have tried deodorants (stick, gel, powder, roll on and such), but I could not find one that dried comfortably, did not leave a residue or kept working as hard as I did. I come upon this product and the first thing I noticed is after a long day of building a house I did not smell like a guy's sweaty gym bag. My shirt did not have sweat stains nor did I have a residue on my cloths! Best deodorant I have used thus far.

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  • PrincessSky0 By  PrincessSky0    

    Really great product

    I never go anywhere without this deodorant even though it smells great and lasts all day!

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  • Rendam By  Rendam    

    Surprised how dry it applies

    Love how dry it applies and can dress right away. A little to strong smell but really like this

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  • jordanlynette By  jordanlynette    


    Y'ALL - YES. I adore this product. I'm the type of person who would get sweaty pits in a freezer (TMI, sorry), and this product is amazing at combating that. I use it on top of a regular deodorant, and it works amazing.

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  • Vickyj85 By  Vickyj85    

    Best ever

    I can not be without this product! I rarely only have one bottle either. I have overactive sweat glands in just one armpit 🙄 NO products have ever been able to make any difference but this one does. Don't get me wrong I still sweat but this is the best deodorant I've tried

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  • CassidyAcla By  CassidyAcla    

    Great for light sweating

    This is a great deodorant, if you don't sweat a whole lot. I had to reapply it multiple times in one day, it does go on dry but after a little while it starts to get greasy and clump up like most other spray on deodorants.

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  • thedailycare By  thedailycare    

    A Pleasant Surprise

    Spray-on deodorant had me skeptical at first. I have used Dove stick deodorant for my whole life. But, now I love spray deodorant. It is fast, easy, and it has a great, fresh scent.

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  • Kelseyuhlman By  Kelseyuhlman    

    Not long lasting

    It does go on dry. But didn't last very long for. I applied multiple times a day. Didn't have very good resistance to smell after sweating.

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  • Kristi5858 By  Kristi5858    

    Dry spray Deodorant, one of the best ones out there!

    I was lucky to receive my favorite brand of deodorant Degree, but in their dry spray version for free! Even in my favorite scent, Shower Clean! Motion sense, is very accurate. If or when you move, you can tell it starts to activate the scent so there is no issues with sweating or smelling! It definitely goes on dry, and stays dry, which I absolutely love! I would give this 10 ⭐'s if I could! I truly recommend this. ☺☺

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