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  • SavannahStarck By  SavannahStarck    

    Learn geography while playing!

    Best way to learn anything is through games. We have multiple editions of Ticket to Ride and we live them all. Such a fun way to learn geography.

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  • tlcrjt By  tlcrjt    

    Great family game

    This game is super fun. I like that the game rules change a bit for a certain amount of players to keep in challenging. This game is even a great game for kids. My 8-year-old has no problem playing this game.

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  • bunster98 By  bunster98    

    the BEST game ever

    LOVE this game!! It is our go-to family game night pick almost every time. Takes a bit longer than typical board games (not as long as risk/monopoly) but way more strategy involved. Not too complicated to learn and helps kids of all ages with geography! Solidly for upper-elementary age+ as it does rely on planning, reading, and spatial thinking.

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  • Archie By  Archie    

    Strategic game play.

    This game was enjoyable for the family, it is a bit long. Not for younger kids, unless they have patience. It?s a strategic game, and it was intro play, since the family is at all different levels. Not a game you play week after week , but brought out several times a year would keep it fresh.

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  • Vero101 By  Vero101    

    Fun game to try

    It is a fun game. Played with my 2 older kids. It is a little long but once they got the hang of it games where little faster. It is pricey just came across it glad I did

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  • zsazsa By  zsazsa    

    Ticket to Ride ..more like Ticket to fun

    Ticket to Ride is kind of an amazing game. It is really fun because you have to be strategic on how to win but its not too hard or overly complicated like other strategy games.

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  • noimnotamish By  noimnotamish    

    Best game ever!

    We love this game. It is easy to understand and we play with all of our friends. My husband and I also play 2 player games and it is still so fun! We love this game and all of the other versions they have come out with. Such a fun and competitive game to play!

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  • ajsterz By  ajsterz    

    This is such a fun game! There are other versions of this game, and it is great to play with family and friends. I also have the game on my phone!

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  • singincherry By  singincherry    

    This is such an awesome game, I dont know why more people havent heard of it! Probably beacause its so expensive - $40 on Amazon. But it's a really fun long, but not too long, use your brain kind of game. Everyone can play it!

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  • Maxsanders By  Maxsanders    

    We love most games who have gotten the German award that this one has (we actually seek out new games this way!). This is a great game and we pull it out quite a bit when we are with friends.

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  • Luvcrackerjack By  Luvcrackerjack    

    This game is a blast! Called "German game of the year" for a reason, you collect "tickets" and then have to build a train across the country to your different destinations... sounds a little weird but so much fun! It is for ages 8+, for up to four players and a GREAT game to learn about geography and strategy. I am in my mid twenties and have enjoyed it with friends and my parents. It is nice because some games are generational, but I think that this game is a blast for all. There is also a European version, but the original is my favorite. This game is a bit pricey (around $50!) but I saved a coupon and bought it half off. I would have purchased it for full price eventually though, I love it!

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