Dawn New Zealand Springs

Dawn New Zealand Springs

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Dawn is an awesome soap brand. The New Zealand springs soap has an awesome scent and is amazing at cleaning dishes.


Dawn is the BEST in the Business This is great stuff. Cuts the grease and smells like your in a refreshing, vacation. The smells helps your mind drift into a beautiful place and before you know it your done with the dishes. Your hands go back to soft and smooth in no time. Great to wash your dog with, helps fight the fleas , they can't live through the greasy and soapy suds. Washes them right down the drain. Its great for laundry stains , all purpose cleabing, great for any dirty job.

This has a nice, pleasant scent and the same great cleaning power of all the other Dawn products I've tried. One of my pet peeves with dishwashing liquid is suds that disappear quickly as you do the dishes, so that you have to keep adding more, but the suds with Dawn stick around for longer than many other brands. Dawn really is the best dishwashing liquid I've tried, so we rarely use anything else.

Dawn is my favorite dish washing soap and this one in particular smells wonderful!

Dawn is by far my favorite soap. It's always got great scents like this one and doesn't dry your hands out. It cleans well and you don't need to use a lot at one time.

Dawn is a wonderful. This new scent is really lovely.

I love the way this smells...and Dawn is my favorite...

This stuff smells awesome and Dawn is a great brand. We like to use this stuff directly on our grout at home and then scrub it with a little water and a scrub brush. It makes our whole home smell wonderful and brings the dirt and grease right up out of the tile! I used to have to use bleach (which started giving me breathing problems) to get the same results that I'm getting with this dish detergent! I only tried it one day on a whim because I loved the smell and thought it might be nice to have the floors smell that way, but WOW. We do this once a month now and the floors always look spectacular.

I use dawn all the time for dishes! I used to get the off brand but I was wasting money on that! LOVE how dawn works!

Dawn dishwashing liquid is fabulous at cutting through grease and leaving my cookware and even plastic containers squeaky-clean without a hint of grease or residue. I usually get the green apple scent, which is suprisingly refreshing for a dishwashing liquid. I typically only have to use a squirt of this when handwashing items that I don't want to put in my dishwasher, and it's always gotten the job done well. This detergent is so good at cutting through oil and grease, that I do need to have some lotion by the sink to apply to my hands after drying them off, as it does tend to leave my hands a bit on the dry side otherwise. Overall, despite the fact that it is slightly drying to my skin, this is an excellent dishwashing liquid and cleans my cookware, containers, etc very well, everytime.

Everyone knows Dawn dish soap is great for dishes but it is also great at getting dries plaster patch of a rug. It also cleaned my driveway of an oil leak stain caused by my daughters old car. I squirted the dawn on my paved driveway, Dipped a scrub brush in water and scrubbed. I wiped the driveway off with water and the oil stain was gone. Driveway looks great. I was repairing the walls in my parlor, plaster patches and painting the walls. As I was painting I had a small bucket filled with Dawn Soap and water and an old rag. If any paint dropped on the woodwork I wiped the woodwork with the wet cloth. The paint came off clean with no residue. When it was time to clean the parlor rug. I had a clean bucket of Dawn Soap and Water. The dried plaster drops came up easy with no mess. Any freshly dried paint came out of the rug with the Dawn Soap and water. When the rug dried, the rug was clean and soft.

I love dawn. I really like this particular scent.

i used all the scents from DAWN & i like this one specially ,has strong smell ,cleans well .recommend it.

I LOVE the smell of this product!