Dawn Original Dishwashing Liquid

Dawn Original Dishwashing Liquid

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Best dish soap Can't find a better dish soap. This one gets the job done efficiently. Love how it doesn't only help with dishes, but everything else.

Quality cleaner My go to every day dish cleaner. I've tried the cheaper brands and found myself using more.

in my opinion Dawn is the best degreaser for not only dishes but clothing I use this stuff on everything

Just buy Dawn in the first place! Of all the dishwashing liquids sold, Dawn is the best. It works. It's not too expensive. I really think it is the only one worth spending money on - when I buy another kind to try it out I am always disappointed and always end up back with a bottle of Dawn.

Great product Works great on greasy items and really gets dried on food particles on the dishes nice & clean.

Awesome Product Only liquid dish soap I use that removes grease immediately from my pots and dishes, first time, every time.

My mom and I use dawn all the time when it comes to washing our dishes. It?s excellent and the solution does a great job with keeping our kitchen items clean such as plates and utensils daily. #Blessed

Good for just about everything. The original Dawn Liquid is the best for everything. Not only washing dishes, but cleaning, removing stains, as well as washing you dog to get rid of tics and fleas. I always have several bottles of it in the house. It works on everything. I do not know why, or what makes it different from other dish washing liquids but it is amazing.

I love this dish soap and have used for years. I love this dish soap. It doesn't dry out my hands and cleans the dirtiest dishes with just a small amount of soap. It's not watered down like a lot of other brands. It has a light clean scent and is just a great dish soap. I have used for years

Good for Silver Jewelry cleaning I use Dawn original in my rock tumbler for polishing my sterling jewelry that I make. I use just a couple drops. I use stainless steel shot that is designed for tumbling jewlery and tumble it for about 30 minutes normally. The Dawn Original is my preferred surfactant for this. I also use it in my small vibratory cleaner. Please research your jewelry and do not put soft stones and pearls in tumblers. Do not mix Metals. Always keep your materials clean etc. Take a class.

Dawn Dish Detergent I love Dawn dish detergent. I can clean just about anything.

Great dish liquid This I'd my favorite dish liquid. I've used it for years and I'd highly recommend it to everyone.

perfect dish soap This is the only soap I use for cleaning my dishes and even around the house. Nothing else has ever compared. It gets rid of grease and caked on food with ease

Great product Dawn dishwashing liquid is awesome because not only does it get our dishes clean and sparkly it is also great for animals. We had some air fryer grease that we were going to throw out because we used it the night before and for some reason when we opened the door to the back porch a bird flew into the house and as we were trying to get it back outside it fell and landed into the grease in our air fryer so we right away grabbed a bowl and put some dawn dishwashing liquid in it the blue kind and washed all the oil off and dried it with a towel and opened the door and it flew off.

Best Hands Down The only dish soap I trust to eliminate grease. It's also great to treat laundry stains. I love Dawn!