Dawn Original Dishwashing Liquid

Dawn Original Dishwashing Liquid

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Best soap ever made! I love dawn there is no other brand that can compare.

Dawn Dish Soap Is A Yes For Me! I use dawn dish soap for my dishes,getting grease off my stove,removing stains on clothes,shoes,hats, anything pretty much

Dawn Remains Dependable I have used Dawn for many years and I can say that it is one of the very few products that have stayed consistent. Dawn always delivers a quality clean and has never let me down. I would recommend this product to anyone for washing dishes, removing stains from clothing, washing pets that are outdoor pets, and the list could be pages long!

Dawn Original Dishwashing Liquid is gentle Dawn with its original scent has long lasting suds, smells nice and gets the grease out of your way and better yet lives up to its name and what it is known for; which is gentle enough they even use it on wild life

Good enough for ducks good enough for us I use this soap for everything - my jewelry, taking out stains, washing my dishes. It is tried and true and is wonderful at taking out grease. If its good enough for the ducks, its good enough for everything

My favorite dish soap. Cuts grease and I even use it to spot treat any food stains on clothes.

Dawn is the only dish soap I buy. I use it for other cleaning tasks too. There are many hacks for using Dawn.

Best dish soap Can't find a better dish soap. This one gets the job done efficiently. Love how it doesn't only help with dishes, but everything else.

Quality cleaner My go to every day dish cleaner. I've tried the cheaper brands and found myself using more.

in my opinion Dawn is the best degreaser for not only dishes but clothing I use this stuff on everything

Just buy Dawn in the first place! Of all the dishwashing liquids sold, Dawn is the best. It works. It's not too expensive. I really think it is the only one worth spending money on - when I buy another kind to try it out I am always disappointed and always end up back with a bottle of Dawn.

Great product Works great on greasy items and really gets dried on food particles on the dishes nice & clean.

Awesome Product Only liquid dish soap I use that removes grease immediately from my pots and dishes, first time, every time.

My mom and I use dawn all the time when it comes to washing our dishes. It?s excellent and the solution does a great job with keeping our kitchen items clean such as plates and utensils daily. #Blessed

Good for just about everything. The original Dawn Liquid is the best for everything. Not only washing dishes, but cleaning, removing stains, as well as washing you dog to get rid of tics and fleas. I always have several bottles of it in the house. It works on everything. I do not know why, or what makes it different from other dish washing liquids but it is amazing.