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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    

    Dawn Antibacterial

    Dawn gets rid of germs and dirt leaving dishes and hands soft and clean.

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  • Allycat78 By  Allycat78    

    Duel cleaning

    I use this product for duel process. One to wash my dishes and two to clean my tub with vinegar. Great on dishes and great to clean the tub with.

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  • homesteadmomma By  homesteadmomma    

    works well

    To wash your dishes this product was just fine and washing your hands it work just like the original. All I can see that was different was the smell in my book. So I do not see why it cost a bit more then the original dawn.

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  • Elisrana By  Elisrana    

    Dawn Soap

    Currently we use this soap in the kitchen and bathroom. I trust the brand and it works well. I have two sons, it gets tested daily.

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  • jessicady1 By  jessicady1    

    I love this dish detergent it really makes all those hard to scrub areas so much easier ( no hard scrubbing required). It really cuts through the grease and makes everything all sparkly. I would not use anything else !

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  • Mddonohue13 By  Mddonohue13    

    Feel good using this product for my family. I love the antibacterial properties, especially have small children.

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  • Sharryjean By  Sharryjean    

    I wasn't a fan of the scent but I do like that it carries an anti-bacterial aspect. My favorite is the green apple!

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  • xoxodragonfly By  xoxodragonfly    

    Dawn is the only dish soap I will use. It definitely gets the grease off of the dishes!

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  • lbjones89 By  lbjones89    

    cleans the dishes and you dont have to use too much of it at one time

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  • rhondaspok By  rhondaspok    

    Good stuff

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  • dlisenbee By  dlisenbee    

    didn't quite like the scent.

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  • CasuallyClassy By  CasuallyClassy    

    I Love Dawn Antibacterial Dish washing liquid. I feel secure that when our family is using it, we are getting a good dose of protection from germs. Thank you Dawn!

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    Dawn is a great value, that's a given. I don't like the orange scent, however. I stick to my green apple or original.

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  • Mackster By  Mackster    

    I always buy Dawn. Seems to do the job. Plus, it's on sale often and I always have a coupon. Good value.

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  • tbrjjt2013 By  tbrjjt2013    

    I love Dawn, it is the only dish washing liquid I will buy. I have a few different scents. I personally don't mind the orange, it would not be my first choice when purchasing Dawn.

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