Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

              Rated #30 in Kitchen Appliances
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Love it This thing is great. It makes boling eggs so easy. I seriously love it

Breakfast Everyone this is a terrific product use it every week never had a bad breakfast with this

Easy to Use If you meal prep this little appliance is a must have

Get one! You'll love it if you like eggs! OMG How have I lived this long in my life without this?!?!?! I use it almost everyday! I thought I would use it mostly for hardboiled eggs but I've actually used it mostly for omelets! It's so easy! I just put the water in the bottom, put my eggs in the little container, lid on and go do something else! And then I get a little song when it's done! I love it so much!

Easy Eggs This product allows me to make eggs quicker and easier than ever. I love the auto shut off feature and how perfect the eggs turn out every time.

Safe auto shut off It's automatic and easy to use. Many type of egg recipes. It's safe because of auto shut off.

Perfect eggs every time This little thing makes perfect boiled eggs every time. No more worrying about time if you want hard boiled or soft boiled, the amount of water you add makes them perfect every time. It also has a tray to make small omelettes that are perfect for breakfast sandwiches. They cook while I get ready for work, who can ask for more? I loved mine so much that I bought them as Christmas gifts that year too.