Dansko Professional Clogs

Dansko Professional Clogs

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Only Shoes I Work in All Day & Don't Hurt! ABSOLUTE BEST WORK SHOES EVER! When I tell you these are the only shoes I can work all day on my feet I'm and not have my feet killing me! They have become so popular and stylish! They have every print you can imagine! I personally love all the patent leather ones! Lepard, Red, Black!! Yes they are expensive but when you think about it, they are sooooo worth it! To be able to leave work and not have to put my feet up or throw my shoes off. I also have a few pairs that I wear when I go out or run errands! I'm telling you check thw Dansko Professional Clogs out ladies! They are amazing!

I bought these because everyone said they would help with problem feet. I wasn't crazy about wearing clogs, but decided to try them out. I love these shoes. They help so my foot with plantar fasciitis does not hurt.

These area real good shoes for those that are on their feet for extended periods, I am not, but I have plantar fasciitis and they are great on my feet with the arch support in them.

These shoes last and last and last. They are sturdy and they are my go to shoes when I need to do a lot of walking.

I am amazed how well these shoes have held up. Mine are 7 years old and still look great. These really do well if you spend a lot of time walking or on your feet. The only downside is you can roll your ankles in them - but it is worth that risk.

Love my purple dansko clogs! Love my black dansko sandles! I am a dansko girl year round! These really are the Best shoes!!!

I have a pair of Dansko simular to these and I love them. Would buy them again.

I bought a pair of these because everyone said they were the best shoes for people on their feet all day. Well, I think I am in the minority. I think they are one of the most uncomfortable pair of shoes that I own. My knees and back hurt after wearing them for an afternoon of shopping. I have tried to wear them under varied circumstances because I like the look of them, but I just do not see how everyone finds them to be so comfortable.

I bought my first pair of Dansko shoes in 2008 and I've been a huge fan every since! Dansko are a wonderful working shoe or any day shoe, not just for working hours!

Great for working on your feet. Excellent quality and good foot support.

Wear these for work and love that you can get them in so many different fun designs! They take a couple weeks to break in and are somewhat uncomfortable during that time, but once they are broken in they are awesome! Perfect if you are on your feet all day.

Absolutely hands down the best supportive shoe money can buy and look much more put together when going out with jeans than just wearing sneakers. My back felt much better after a day of wearing these than with my sneakers!

I walk upwards of 15,000 steps during my day. These are the ONLY shoes I can wear and not have my feet hurt! Just bought the lace up tennis shoe style with this sole form the Vegan line! May seem pricy at first glance but I have some I have been wearing for nearly 10 years! That makes them a steal in my eyes!

Not just for professionals. Comfortable box toes, good support, good arch, even great with socks, tights. A bit pricey but can be found on sale and at discounts look online