Dannon  Greek Yogurt

Dannon Greek Yogurt

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Yogurt for Diaper Rash Dannon plain yogurt is the best, but for diaper rashes. I've used all kinds of ointments but they?re just too harsh. This does the trick. No harmful chemicals, all natural, and it heals quickly within the first day or two. I don't know what I'd do if it wasn't for this yogurt.

not so greek finally A tasty greek yogurt but it is closer to what people in europe prefer (more liquid) than the original taste of greek yogurt !

Very rich and creamy. Almost too much really! But good to put in smoothies.

Fabulous and tasty - besides it's healthy. I can only recommend it!

The best yougert forever i luv it!!!!!!!

Dannon is a great yogurt however i find their greek yogurt to be on the thinner side than some other yogurts such as chobani which seems to be more authentic than dannon.

My family and I love greek yogurt. we use it instead of sower cream for things all the time. love how it is better for you. we foster puppys and we even add the plane greek yogurt to there food. feel they should eat heathy also. I can't say there is any of the flavors that we have not liked.

I enjoy this yogurt, it is creamy and smooth and they have some great flavors. But they are not the best greek yogurt, I prefer Fage over any other.

I actually prefer these to chobani, although thy don't have as many great flavors. Still, it tastes great, not as bitter as fage or chobani or other greek yogurts. Very creamy, tastes a lot like regular yogurt but more filling and healthier! Enough for a breakfast or even a light lunch.

It's good but not as good as Fage or Chobani -- smaller portion than chobani.

Dannon greek yogurt is so smooth and creamy. I like eating it as a snack and using as a dip at parties!

I love this thick yogurt its full of flavor and very creamy.

I really like the way this greek yogurt tastes, it is very filling. The only thing I don't like about it is the amount of sugar in it.

nice and thick, not too sour, even my littles liked it :-)

This was so good when I tried it. I wanted to try a Greek yogurt so I picked this one and I was amazed. I had blueberry and it was one of the best yogurts I have ever had!