Dannon Dan-o-nino

Dannon Dan-o-nino

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None of the children I take care of like this very much. They'll take a bite or two then leave it on the table.

My kids like this. I haven't had it myself in a while but if I remember correctly, I think they are less sweet than the other kids yogurt. Mine are only allowed to have kids yogurt once in a while anyway though so any time they get one that comes in a fun colored cup they are excited. There is just so much sugar in them (not these in particular just all kids yogurt in general) so I tend to give them the regular adult yogurt instead. My issue with these is more about the cost per ounce. They cost the same as regular Dannon or Danimals at most stores and while yes they do have 6 cups they are TINY. So while I would recommend them, it would only be if you got them on a great sale. Check the price per ounce and make sure you are not overpaying.

we like this alot

My kids absolutely love yogurt however they wouldn't eat this brand after one bite.

very small cups and my kids did not like it, wouldnt eat any more after one bite. they said it has a funny after taste - i have to agree with them - not good

Taste is okay but the portion size for the price is not appealing.

My kids were excited to get this at the store. I had a coupon and it was on sale, so I was excited to get a deal! As soon as we got home they pounced on it. All three of them, ages 4, 8, and 12, absolutely hated this yogurt. Why? "It's nasty." "Yuck." Well, they love Danimals, Crush cups, Trix yogurt, and Gogurts, so I had to see what was wrong with this one. I tried it ...and honestly it tastes just like the others to me (horrible, but the same). So I can't tell WHY they don't like it, but it got two thumbs down from my kids.