Dancing With the Stars Under Fire For Including Transgender Contestant

   By drodriguez  Sep 08, 2011

As we gear up for the new season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, which premieres September 19th, one contestant is probably just as busy answering questions from the press as he is practicing his dance moves.

Chaz Bono, born Chastity Bono to famous couple Cher and Sonny Bono, underwent gender reassignment and has since become an outspoken advocate for the transgender community. A recent report from the New York Post discusses some of the criticism Bono and DWTS are receiving from groups, like millionmoms.com and the Culture and Media Institute who wish to boycott the show.

Many of the critics who disapprove of DWTS choosing a transgender member of the community to be one of their dance contestants feel it will only serve to confuse children about their own gender identities. Bono responded to this criticism on Good Morning America when he said, “People who don’t have gender dysphoria http://www.genderdysphoria.org/ aren’t going to catch it by watching me dance on television,”

Chaz Bono admits he is trying to put a positive spin on all of the criticism coming his way. Bono told ABC News, “You know, it just kind of shows why for me it's important to be on the show, because so little still is known about what it means to be transgender. And there's so many just completely inaccurate stereotypes and thoughts that people have.”

What do you think of all the criticism aimed at DWTS and Chaz Bono?

Will you be watching Dancing With the Stars this season?


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Wanda78 by Wanda78 | ANNISTON, AL
Sep 15, 2011

I think that Chaz should have an opportunity in participating on DWTS. I just might watch the show.

Jodimom67 by Jodimom67 | CHICAGO, IL
Sep 08, 2011

its just another form of immorality that is infiltrating our airwaves. I don't let my kids watch those kinds of shows anyway.

Robshee by Robshee | Broomall, PA
Sep 08, 2011

Who cares that Chaz is transgender. I agree with snookman57, it is worse for the kids to see the shannanigans on the Bachelor and Survivor, plus all the violence on TV and their X box games. Knowledge is power, we need to encourage tolerance and understanding, not hatred and fear of the unknown. Thanks

snookman57 by snookman57 | Tampa, FL
Sep 08, 2011

I have serious doubts that everytime Chaz steps on the dance floor he will be announced, "Chaz, our transgender contestant will now dance the Samba." So why be concerned about what your children see, Seems to me though it would be an ideal time to talk to your kids if they have questions, and explain transgender to them. It never ceases to amaze me that the same people fussing about this will watch The Bachelor, Survivor, etc, with their kids and have no complaints about the lying back stabbing sleazy romances on those shows and many others. Fill your children with knowledge not hatred.

mintaka by mintaka | LAKE VILLA, IL
Sep 08, 2011

They really need to get over it. I'm sure Chaz always felt male since the day he was born. It's 2011 already, so let's open our hearts & not be so close-minded to others who are not eactly like us.

dispatch911 by dispatch911 | ROMEOVILLE, IL
Sep 08, 2011

I give them a lot of credit for inviting Chaz to dance. Let Chaz dance!