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  • robinann19599 By  robinann19599    

    I love Dan Brown, didn't like this book. Read about 3/4 and just could not finish.

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  • mdswafford By  mdswafford    

    Not my favorite Dan Brown book but still engaging. It was a quick and easy read. For those who like his other books will like this book but don't it is not on the same level as The DaVinci Code.

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  • jennyjen1234 By  jennyjen1234    

    This book was not Dan Brown's best book. I am a huge Dan Brown fan and really enjoyed reading his other books.

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  • gstephens By  gstephens    

    I love all of Dan Brown's books. It was well written and a fast read because it held my interest and makes you think while you are reading to want to know more.

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  • socialzigi By  socialzigi    

    I'm a huge fan of Dan Brown's book "Angels & Demons," but was disappointed by a couple of the others. "The Lost Symbol" restored my faith in Dan Brown. The book hooks you from the very beginning, and is a quick read. It was wordy at points and some chapters/pages could have been removed. But overall I would definately recommend the book.

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  • jgarbo By  jgarbo    

    I am a huge Dan Brown fan, but I have to say that I was terribly dissapointed in this one. I couldn't wait to read it and then realized that it was completely predictable and needed a good editor. He repeated himself - I wouldn't recommend this book - but I have not written off DB yet - I look forward to the next one - hoping for something better.

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  • bobbittsara By  bobbittsara    

    It was definitely darker than his other books. I liked the setting and the description of the buildings in D.C, but for the most part it too predictable.

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  • flirtmd By  flirtmd    

    The book ended at least 60 pages before the end. The female character served no purpose - nor did her job. Very predictable. I knew where they were going before I started the book. I am glad I only borrowed this from the library. I would have been really mad if I spent $ on it. Very disappointing.

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  • laurenjw By  laurenjw    

    This book needed a good editor. His story idea was interesting, but the book would get exciting, only to get drawn down into loads of pedantic lecturing on the Masons.

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  • cleanliving By  cleanliving    

    Thought is was just okay - I thought it was a little wordy and some what slow in the beginning. I usually prefer the book but this time I am sure the movie will be better.

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  • LetMeTellYou By  LetMeTellYou    

    I'm a fan of Dan Brown's writing especially the Robert Langdon stories. This book follows suit with the others. Good fast paced action, secret societies, symbols only Robert can make sense of, etc... Overall the book was great but I wasn't too happy with the explanation of the lost symbol.

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