DLCO Apparel Full Package and Pre-Production House

DLCO Apparel Full Package and Pre-Production House

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At DLCO Apparel there is great service. They listen and talk about what you want as a client and are full service so there is no stress. They also do everything digitally which is such a relief and the quality is very good. At DLCO - no hassles. All of my orders are always processed quickly and timely. Any issues are usually handled easily, but I rarely have any problems because everything is done well. Overall, I have been very pleased and satisfied with their services.

My experience at DLCO Apparel is overall a good one. The price was right and fit my budget. Their customer service is great. They always respond to all my calls and emails and give me direct answers with regard to the status of my items. Also done on time which is such a difference from other places I've worked with! Good Quality as well. DLCO will definitely be my partner for as long as I'm in this business - I would recommend this company to everyone. When I showed them my patterns and samples done at the previous company, I was really confused and hopeless. Kirsten knew exactly how to solve all the issues was able to fix everything! She also went a step beyond and advised us to change certain fabrics then took the issues to the production department to make sure it was ready. The last place just made excuse after excuse and even tried to blame me! Thank you. Thank you.

I wanted to start a new kids-wear line and a friend of minerecommend DLCO patterns and grading. I was never disappointed with this companyfrom the beginning because they knew exactly what to do with my ideas, I canget all the needed resources because they are offering full package services saving metime and money. This company truly knows what they are doing and I willdefinitely do more business with them in the future.