DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

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Perfect Skin this product leaves my skin feeling soft and supple it has a nice glisten and I swear I look younger every time I put it on it feels so refreshing and clean

Amazing! As someone with oily skin, I was skeptical about this product, but it soon took away all of my doubts! At first use, I was shocked at how easy and effective it was. You massage it onto dry skin, then simply rinse off! Along with the oil, down the drain went all of the makeup that had been on my face and all that was left behind was soft skin. I would definitely recommend this product, and although pricey think that it is well worth it.

wow this works amazing, and if you have a clarisonic, even better! its the only oil cleanser i have used thus far that actually took off all my makeup and left my skin feeling great! i do have dry skin so im not sure if people with oily skin would like this one, but if you have dry skin you have got to try this! a little on the pricey side but not the worst in that department

DHC oil goes on as oil, soaks up all the makeup & other guck, then emulsifies in the water & everything comes off, even mascaras, lip tints, eyelineres, etc. And it doesnt dry the skin , or make it break out -- This is my one CAN"T LIVE WITHOUT.... the other is Murad Skin Perfection Lotion(but thats another review) ................ There are a lot of major brands now selling a cleansing oil- dont be fooled, you will not get the same results

First, a disclosure. I am not a heavy makeup user. That being said, when I shop up at the office, there are a few basics I'm never without: moisturizer, foundation and lip gloss beign among them. Some time ago I discovered DHC products. Although I have just tried a few of them, I've really liked each one. Their Deep Cleansing Oil is formulated to help rinse off makeup. I was reluctant to smear oil all over my face, but you know what? Not only did it work great (you apply it to dry skin) but it leaves the skin of your face incredibly smooth. I was similarly impressed with DHC Velvet Ski Coat; you can use it as a primer before applying makeup. It goes on very, very smooth. Finally, i would highly recommend the Apricot FAcial Scrub. I love its consistency and mild fragrance. Best of all, you can try their products for free by requesting a catalog. They always insert several free samples in each one.