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  • CaitlinB By  CaitlinB    

    The wipes are a smart idea, and I would definitely would try them. Though it sounds by this review you cannot put back the wipes, but I highly doubt I'll even try to do that. This product does seem safer than the spray because the chemicals do not spread out in the air so you are not breathing them in. Love the idea of wipes, and how convinent & portable they are.

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  • jygriebel By  jygriebel    

    These are great if you have small children!

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  • sneepy By  sneepy    

    They are good for like 2 minutes in hot humid weather--then once you perspire in the least, mosquitos are all over you again.

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  • DeWeese By  DeWeese    

    I'm interested in giving this product a try. I'm a mosquito magnet - so I'm hoping to find anything that will be of help.

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  • ttdoctor By  ttdoctor    

    Never got to use the actual wipe. I purchased the item so that guest arriving to an outdoor graduation can relax in the yard without being bitin by mosquitoes. I placed the spray and wipes out and more wipes were being pulled out than needed to be used. I tried to put the unused wipes back into the container and my thumb got stuck and had to be cut out of the jagged edges at top of container. The edges pinched the cuticle of my finger and cut deep into my finger. We tried different ways to get my finger out but to no avail. My finger had swollen by the pressure and was bleeding. I will not buy this product again although I thought it would be good for the children to be wipped instead of the spray. The top for this product is not safe and I recommend that it not be purchased because a childs/adults' finger could be cut in the process.

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