Cutco Spreader Spatula

Cutco Spreader Spatula

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I love my Cutco spreader/spatula! It glides while spreading and then doubles for cutting and serving. Worth the investment.

Cutco is probably my favorite brand for knives...can cut through anything and to have it paired with a spreader is excellent! You can not only spread your icing on your cake but you can also cut it immediately after without having to dirty a new knife. Love this product!

Most versatile knife/spreader/kitchen tool I own. This is dubbed the "sandwich maker" - you can smooth on toppings, cut crusts or halves... you can also use it to frost, cut, serve cakes... it's flexible, dishwasher safe and guaranteed for life. If you've never had a Cutco item - this is a great one to start with. They are all perfectly balanced, the handles are ergonomic for right or left handed people and the materials are surgical grade stainless steel and thermal resin.

First of all, I love Cutco knives. However, they are quite expensive, so I have narrowed it down to two essential knives, the trimmer and the spreader. The spreader is wonderful knife to have in your gadget drawer because it is so very versatile. Spread mayo, butter, Nutella, peanut butter, etc and then cut the sandwich with a minimum of crumbs. It slices everything from tomotoes to angel food cake beautifully and doubles as a pie or brownie server. It's dishwasher safe and extremely durable. I have had many Pampered Chef spreaders and really like them too, but with this Cutco spreader I am guaranteed that it will never go dull or fall apart. Highly recommend!