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  • Sashajane By  Sashajane    


    I LOVE this deodorant. I've tried every single natural deodorant and this is hands down the best. Like the other reviewer said, the packaging has definitely changed but the deodorant and scent is still the same! SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!

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  • Dpaige23 By  Dpaige23    

    The absolute best

    Obsessed with the deodorant!! Truly the best I've ever used. The packaging in this pic is old I think, the best scent is white tea!!!!

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  • herbalkate By  herbalkate    

    Curie Natural Deodorant White Tea scented

    I had never heard of this deodorant before seeing it on FabFitFun's Add-Ons. I'm always looking for an effective deodorant and antiperspirant because traditional products can be harsh and dry out my skin. However, natural deodorants made with glycerin can be too slick and tacky. I read the ingredient list before buying it and was intrigued that it did not contain glycerin as its main ingredient so I had high hopes for it. The main ingredients are coconut oil, corn starch, and baking soda. I was curious to see how it would work and feel so I decided to add it to my Summer box. I was very disappointed with the texture of the deodorant. It is extremely dry and does not glide across the skin easily. It was necessary to scrape it across several times to apply it to my skin. It clumped terribly and left a thick, dry texture on my armpits and my clothing. I was constantly aware that I was wearing it because I felt it the entire time. The White Tea scent did not smell like white tea but instead picked up the citrus notes of the lime oil. That being said, The deodorant was effective in controlling odor and wetness for over 24 hours. But it is not a deodorant I will ever use again. If you want an effective natural deodorant and antiperspirant, this might work for you.

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