Curbing Your Finanical Holiday Spending

Maria Sinclair By Maria Sinclair 11.20.11
Curbing Your Finanical Holiday Spending

The Holiday deals are in full-force. Retailers are starting their great deals Early...very Early!! But don't forget the reason way we want to save money. It is not to have/buy in excess. It's to SAVE $$$!

For one person, holiday deals may be great so they can purchase a nicer present for someone at a lower price. For someone else, it might be to reduce their total holiday expenses.

"Maria - Teaching you to be a Bargainista one deal at a time."

Just remember that after the holidays are over, we will have to live with our choices we make. Keep in mind that employers may be cutting back in January. Will your company be a part of a budget cut? Will food prices soar after the holidays are over with? Is that heat bill going to hurt during those winter months?

If your not sure, it's best to stay within a regular budget for Christmas. Don't fall into the After-Holiday Financial Stress. Love to save money? Then save the bank, a mattress, cookie jars...whatever. Save for that rainy day in March.

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  • cocoabella By cocoabella

    draw names in your family and set a spend limit ! This works really well for the families who are spread out all over. Saves a ton in shipping costs too.

  • Alisonn By Alisonn

    I have bought a few things. good sales, and trying to get more out of the shopping like free gift cards or $ to spend on a return trip. great post, and things to think about.

  • Lindse94 By Lindse94

    Already starting shopping, spreading it out makes it less painful!

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