Cuisinart SmartStick« Hand Blender

Cuisinart SmartStick« Hand Blender

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Useful kitchen tool It gets the job down. I like that most of the parts are dishwasher safe. the little chopper is great for nuts or salad dressing. I mostly use the wand for pureeing soups.

Much better than others I really loved this stick blender. I've had a few other brands, and they don't tend to last long or have much power. This lasted for several years and worked really well. Its perfect for soups--just blend right in the pot. I didn't use the chopping attachments very often as it didn't seem as convenient as using a mini-chopper. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking and tried to use it to blend very thick mashed potatoes. That seemed to short circuit it. You can't purchase just the stick or motor part, but I don't want to have duplicate attachments. If I could purchase just the motor segment, I would do it in a heart beat.

amazing.. ohh boy!! I am so inlove with this's super easy to use like, mixing, and's was so lucky that I was able to tried to use this king of's totally a life saver..and take note it's easy too clean up too..that's why I love this blender..

Using Cuisinart smart stick makes you smart I love my Cuisinart smart stick so much I bought one for my daughter as a gift! I am actually in the market to get a new one for myself seeing I use it so often. My son had an unfortunate accident and had his jaw wired...this thing made everything drinkable!! Also love using the smart stick to make soups and mashed cauliflower super smooth.

Very handy and less to clean up. Gave away my Osterizer to my sister. Mixes up soup and Pasta sauce (gravy) in a NY minute. When my previous Braun hand blender gave out after 11 years, I replaced it with the Cuisinart smart stick. The smart stick died after 5 months but Cuisinart sent me a replacement ( they charge you $ 10.00 shipping but they stand behind their product so I'm pleased).

This is awesome for mixing together liquid ingredients. I use it for my salsa verde recipe all of the time! It leaves much less of a mess than a regular blender!

I love love this blender. It's awesome in many ways. easy to blend, chop, mix and CLEAN! I buy electronic items only if I know for sure that they will be easy to clean. I hate messes to clean after trying to blend fruit juice. YES! I even make few juices with this hand blender (like watermelon, apple, orange). anything that can pulp is great to blend.

Was given this as a gift, and am loving it. I find myself looking for a reason to use it.

I purchased this for myself and my son took over it. He works out and does a lot of protein shakes. He uses it several times a day. He loves it. I am going to have to purchase another one.

Best for everything! Super for soup. I also have an attachment that makes single serving whipped cream a breeze!

Easy to clean and use!! Great product!!

bought this product and wasn't sure if i would actually utilize it. i thought it might be one of those purchases that sat covered with dust. but i was wrong this product is so useful. i use it to puree my soups instead of a blender because the clean up is soo much easier. i utilize the whip attachment when i make whip cream instead of pulling out my mixer. it is so versatile.

very good blender

I cannot live without this handy kitchen helper! It is wonderful for making soups in no time flat! One of my favorite things to give as a gift.

Love all my Cuisinart small kitchen appliances! Great products, even better customer service!