Cuisinart Panini Press

Cuisinart Panini Press

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Cuisinart Panini Press makes it easy to grill sandwiches. I love not needing to flip them over. Cuisinart is high quality.

I personally don't own this but have tasted it's creations from a friend and it definitely is wonderful. Tastes so good and so easy to use.

I love my Cuisinart small appliances. They're just amazing, completely sturdy. Cuisinart has the BEST customer service, hands down.

Adds a nice little touch to a simple sandwich! I just don't get to it often enough. Stashed away for now.

Easy to use , love it!!! Not easy to clean though but still love it

I bought a Cuisinart Panini Press because I enjoy making and trying new sandwiches, particularly hot sandwiches. This machine gets the job done and the cleanup is simple.

by reading the reviews it looks like i need one of these, My kids love grilled chesse and quesadillas. Looks like a great producet and smaller then some of the other ones i have seen.

I love the Griddler! My parents got it for me last year for Christmas and it's so can cook anything, including pancakes, panini sandwiches, chicken, fish, veggies and really anything else you can think of. I would recommend it to any one for year-round grilling indoors. I highly recommended this product.

I love this item. We use it alot during the winter when it is too cold to grill outside. Works great for grilling meats and making grill cheese sandwiches

My friend has one of these and I love it! In the past year I have got on a panini kick! I LOVE them. I first had one from The Fresh Market and it was wonderful! I'm really wanting to buy one of these soon so I can make my own panini at home.

My friend has one! and when I stayed at her home make me WANT one!! :) LOVE it!!

Great product!! Makes delicious sandwiches and perfect for a gift!

Love this product! We use it for many things. Grilled cheese, any kind of grilled sandwich, let your imagination go wild. We also do veggies with chicken and cheese. Everything turns out like it was from a restaurant. We make reubins that are delicious and roast beef with cheese and onions. A light snack or a meal. This is a must have. Quick and easy!!

Really easy to use and easy to clean. We use it all the time!!!

Had the George Foreman for years -- this one is so much better !!!! Love it!!