Cuisinart Mini Prep Food Processor

Cuisinart Mini Prep Food Processor

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I've had mine for a few years! I love it! It's compact for small jobs and it chops and grinds really well!

Cusinart chopper Best chopper and grinder . Easy to use and cleaning is quick. Can put in dishwasher

Perfect size for smaller jobs This is a great food processor if you only need to chop a small amount. I have the larger one as well but if I can manage it I use this, so it's less to clean! Awesome!

every house should have one One of my favorite kitchen gadgets. It grates, blends and the the texture for things like hummus, pate is much better than using a blender for the task

Handy little chopper This little machine saves me so much time in the kitchen! From chopping to mincing, it does it all. I use it to veggies, make dips/spreads, etc. It's a handy little machine!

Cuisinart mini food processor This mini food processor is all I need! I have used this for pretty much everything including baby food. Does the job and easy to store....perfect in my book!

This thing is great - perfect for making smaller meals.

Love this mini processor, it's hands down one of my favorite appliances for the kitchen!

I lovet this. I hate chopping anything because I am horrible at it, besides it is so much quicker just to use this device. I could not live without it!

Love this little food processor! I owned one of Cuisinart's first mini food processors, and used it until it literally fell to pieces. Bought the new one last year, and I find that it's the kitchen tool I reach for all the time. The Cusinart Mini Pre Processor is great because it's so simple to set up and use, and to clean. I think we all have had moments cooking when we just didn't really feel like preparing fresh ingredients, so we grab a can of something... having the Cuisinart Mini Prep handy allows me to add fresh ingredients just as easily as opening a can of something like diced tomatoes. The Mini Prep is something that everyone needs in their kitchen. I've given many of them as gifts, as well. I use it so much that I think my full sized Cuisinart Food Processor is getting jealous. ;)

I am on my 2nd one in a few years. Love it! It has saved me SO much time! But the problem is washing it. I wash it by hand, and there is always something stuck somewhere that it takes me forever to get it out.

I just received this for my birthday and I am not sure how I lived without it before....Small and doesnt take up a lot of room on counter....I love this...It is great for chopping nuts, onions or great....

Love these products. This machine is great for so many of the typical food prep activities. With this version, this is easy to set up and use for a myriad of prep steps, chopping veggies (esp garlic & onions which I use a lot of and prefer fresh), herbs and even pureeing for soups and sauces. I wouldn't want to get a full size food chopper and go through the clean-up each time so this little gadget is a big time saver. Every kitchen should have one

wow!!! i can just say this about this machine i got it as a gift around 3 months back,this is ultimate so many goods it doesnt take lot of space on my counter space and its big enough to cover my family needs by the way we are six people,so i would recommend this to all as its not so big and not so small !!!!

I don't have this yet, but it's on the list. Cuisinart is a brand I know I can trust. I have other appliances by them and this would be perfect for quick processing without being too big.