Cuisinart Chef's Classic 10 Piece Cookware Set

Cuisinart Chef's Classic 10 Piece Cookware Set

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good brand and heavy duty i have it for 8 years now still nice easy to clean and bright

I have had my Cuisinart set that is just like this one for over ten years. It has not warped or been damaged and this is after two military moves too! If you are looking for a long lasting cooking set, this is the one for you!

This is a wonderful set! Good heat distribution and easy to clean!

I had to come here and tell you how impressed I am with this set of pans!!!!! I had another set that I had bought a year prior (I won't give their name) and they were bent and scratched within months - their "lifetime" guarantee ended up not being true. I bought this set last December and it STILL looks BRAND NEW!!! They are phenomenal!!! I have no sticking issues - I use the utensils I want and never use above med heat for ANYTHING!!!! The clean up so quick and nice and if you ever do get those burn marks on the bottom - a little Bartenders Friend cleaner and GONE! I cannot say enough good about this company!